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When speaking about shopping, we have to mention how shopping influences current society and culture. Restaurants are another places where we can buy food. Meals prepared in restaurants are more expensive so most people don't eat in them every day. As keeping cash may not be very convenient, we can also use electronic money straight from our bank account without using any coins or paper money. This is why a lot of people prefer is still the most common payment method. We can keep money in our bank account and then withdraw it as cash from a ATM. For some people, especially younger ones, shopping is a part of their lifestyle. They love to shop around in big shopping malls and buy a lot of different things like clothes, cosmetics or jewellery. Shopping Paying by cash P laces w e visit w hen w e w ant to go shopping can be very different. ...is a current social ideology which is connected to the mass-production of goods. Simply said, it means that the majority of people only want to earn more money and their only interest is to buy more and more things with it, especially things they don't really need. We can say that owning many things is the highest value in this kind of society. The consumer society Some of them are very small. The smallest shops are located in almost every village so all people can easily reach them on foot. ...are much bigger than grocery shops. They offer a large amount of different products. Unlike in a grocery store, in a supermarket customers can choose from multiple variations of each product. For example if we want to buy a bottle of milk, there are different volumes from 0,5 litre to 2 litres and we can also choose between different brands of milk from different producers. We can also get food imported from all over the world. FOOD & DRI NKS ...are the smallest shops and offer only the most basic products and food like fruits and vegetables. Grocery stores Shopping malls ..are the biggest centres of shopping. They usually contain hundreds of different shops including at least one supermarket. Today, big shopping malls are not focused only on shopping and they offer many other services. In most of them, people can enjoy the cinema and a fitness centre or place their kids in a children's corner. One of the most common services provided by shopping malls is a large number of parking spaces. Supermarkets LOW P RICES Unlike in richer countries like the USA or Germany, in the Czech Republic PRICE is probably the most important thing. Czech customers are more willing to buy the product when the price is reduced by the seller. In shops, restaurants and other places, we buy many different products. In these kinds of shops, we cannot choose between many different package sizes and brands of goods. Most of the products are offered in just one version. Because we have daily needs like to eat, to drink or to travel, we buy some products on daily basis, like... FUEL OR PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION TICKETS ...these are the most common products we buy - we need them to survive. Basic food like fruit, vegetables, bread and meat we buy in shops, because it's quite cheap and we can store it at home and then use it in cooking. ...is an activity that every person does. For most people it's one of the most common every-day activities and includes buying common stuff like food and drinks. One of the most basic products we buy are clothes and shoes. We usually decide what we buy according to the season of the year, but our emotions and trends also play a major role in shopping for clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories. Another basic things we buy is what allows us to travel to work or to school, like... CLOTHES & SHOES W EATHER CONDI TI ONS TREND AVAILABILITY The biggest shopping mall in the world is currently in Dubai. It's simply called the Dubai Mall and has the world's largest total area. It includes 1200 different shops. ADVERTI SEMENTS Most people decide what to buy according to current trends. Following trends are most common in fashion - celebrities and other well known people inspire us to buy the same products that they use. But there are not only fashion trends. There are big trends for example in lifestyle - more and more people love to run or jog today, so consequently people buy a lot of running shoes and special clothes. Another important lifestyle trend is with healthy food. A lot of people care about what they eat, so supermarkets sell more healthy food and bio products. People also more than ever prefer visiting restaurants where the meals are prepared with care and the ingredients are fresh. Today, merchants have rights and obligations as w ell as customers. These rights and obligations are set by law . I n the Czech Republic, merchants must... One of the most important innovations in recent years w as the creation of the internet. I t led to creating an e-commerce sector w ith a completely new type of shop - the e-shop. E-shops allow us to shop for many different things on-line using our computer, mobile or tablet. This gives us 3 big advantages... 1) we can shop without leaving our home and avoid spending time in queues at shopping malls I n the Czech Republic, customers should... - keep the goods in a perfect condition in case they want to return them in the 14-day period 2) we usually can get a better price for the same product in e-shop than in a classic store 3) e-shops offer a wider range of products than in classic stores so we have more options to choose from Not all kinds of goods are available all the time. Some of them might be temporarily out of stock, so we have to decide between buying something different or waiting until it's available again. ...is probably the most common reason why people decide what to buy. Stores can reduce the prices of their products to attract more and more people. Even though, there are some people for whom the very low price is a sign of low quality, so the price is not the only thing they look at. W e have also many options

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