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Superstar vs. pop idol

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Superstar - Pop Idol All, that’s going to be describing here is just my personal opinion and it hasn’t ever been publishing anywhere. This contest came in to the Czech Republic after a long time when the license of the show got one of our commerce TV. There is big group of people in the beginning of the contest. The main rule of this competition is to choose step by step the best singer of the group. Only one will get the possibilities to record his own CD with well-known recording company. I the second part of show are the viewers choosing the best one through cell phones and sms`s. I think, this contest is very good opportunity and experience for singers – beginners, but it may really bring many other problems a long, which goes hand in hand with celebrities’ life. There may start troubles with school, too, because most of the singers are still studying and in case of advance into higher level of contest, they will definitely need to reschedule their studies and find individual learning schedule. Second part of competition is calling “Hvezdna pechota”. This part is creating for the worst singers. The viewers might have fun because it means funny show. Personally, I have fun when I’m watching that part of contest, too, and sometimes I don’t understand why some people came to this contest if they really can’t sing. My opinion about those people is, they hope that somebody will see them, somebody from advertising agency and maybe they may get an opportunity in advertise. Overall, watching this show means for me just change of Sunday evening. There is no other point that appeal to me that much. Another side is attendance of the contest on TV. The presentation and whole competition on TV Nova is not exactly the real “Reality show”, which should be, but it is just embarrassing imitation. TV Nova has no idea what is the “Reality show” about. Programs are often embarrassing, and sometimes such a funny. What about the judges? They are too tender. Sometimes they have interesting and faithful opinions but they should take sample from Americans judges, which are much more straight and honest. This belongs to contest like the Pop Idol is. Just then it can be the real “Reality show”. Certainly, the truth is, in other countries they really have found talented singers which could enliven the Pop scene. Especially in case of Czech Republic is very important to find new, talented singers, new Pop Stars because most of the really good Po Stars are already getting old and there is short of young talented singers here.

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