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The Thanksgiving day

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Thanksgiving day Thanksgiving Day How to celebrate the american holiday of Thanksgiving? Traditional north american holiday of Thanksgiving Day in America is celebrated every 4. Thursday in November, in Canada every 2. Monday in October. It is a federal holiday, so to celebrate all the states of the federation. In this day most people had the day off, which often extends by Friday they'll take a vacation. Schools are for both days closed. Some members of the families living across entire states and this holiday is for many the only opportunity with the whole family to get together and spend time together until Sunday. It is one of the most popular holidays in North America. It was originally a celebration of harvest, today it is rather a commercial holiday associated with shopping, american football, or with ticker tape parades. The traditional food for this day is turkey with homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce. As dessert often choose pumpkin pie. A little bit of history In September of 1620 set sail from the English port of Plymouth ship called the Mayflower, which was carrying prospective settlers of North America. Passengers on the ship went into history as the pilgrims (Pilgrim Fathers). Dropped anchor in Cape Cod Bay not far from the future of Plymouth in the state of Massachusetts in the united states. The English settlers here were looking for a new home. Nevertheless, they were not accustomed to the local climate and so had a problem with the cultivation of the crop. Help them however, the local indigenous inhabitants, and in 1621 coupled together to celebrate the first thanksgiving Day to thank god for the harvest and the harvest in the past year. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln declared this day a national holiday and established it on the last Thursday in the month of November. In 1941, president Roosevelt set thanksgiving Day on the 4th. Thursday of the month. He wanted so to achieve an increase in the economy in the years, where has November for 5 weeks - the day after thanksgiving is considered to be start christmas shopping season - the so-called Black Friday. This holiday then falls within a range of data about Save the turkey As every year on this day eats about 280 million turkeys since the first president Bush, every year is traditionally given a reprieve of 1 to 2 turkeys, who will thus avoid baking in the oven and naturally live on a farm, where once lived the George Washington.

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