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WASHINGTON D.C. Washington D.C. is capital city of the USA. It is situated on the Potomac River between two states – Virginia and Maryland. The District of Columbia is the seat of the federal government of the United States. The District of Columbia was established by Act of Congress in 1790. The site for the capital city was chosen by president G. Washington himself. The city was designed by French engineer (Pierre L’Enfant) and later other several architects were involved in designing the town too. But the original vision of magnificent capital was always respected. Washington was divided into four parts with the Capitol as the center. City was first used as the seat of Congress in 1800. In 2nd half of 20th century the subway system called Metrorail was created. Also in 70s and 60s the protection of historic buildings began. Since that time, no building should be demolished but restricted. Also, the city become famous for its parks. Washington’s major industry has always been the government. Washington looks and works like white-collar town. Hundreds of national and international organisations have their headquarters and offices in Washington. The press also affects opinion of people in Washington and all around the US. In Washington there are headquarters of Washington Post, USA Today, National Geographic and others. Tourists are highly attracted by its renovated monuments, museums. Tourism is city’s second largest industry. Washington is served by three major airports – Washington National Airport, Dulles International Airport, Baltimore-Washington Airport. Bus service is known as Metrobus. Metro has 5 colored lines – red, blue, orange, yellow, green. It operates on farecards. There are also taxis available in Washington. But the city is of course best visited on foot. Washington Monument consists of one white marble obelisk. It took nearly 4 decades to complete it. It’s about 555ft high. Jefferson Memorial is modern adaptation of Roman Pantheon. It commemorates the 3rd president of the USA. Monument is dominated by bronze statue of Jefferson holding the Declaration of Independence. Lincoln Memorial reminds us the 16th president A. Lincoln. The memorial was inspired by Greek architecture. The marble statue of Lincoln stares across the Reflection Pool. Vietnam Veterans Memorial is simple, but solemn black granite wall. It is engraved by names of people who were killed or missing in Vietnam War. Not far from the Lincoln Memorial lies Arlington National Cemetery. It contains of graves of more than 200 000 soldiers of armed conflicts since Revolutionary War. There are also buried two presidents – J.F. Kennedy and hos brother Robert Kennedy. The Pentagon is a pentagonal large building. There are located headquarters of the Department of Defence. 23 000 people work there. Finally – White House. It is called white, because its walls are made of sandstone. President lives there. It organises public events such as Easter Egg Roll. Washington is also famous for its parks. The most attractive ones are West & East Potomac Parks, Constitution Gardens. Also, you can visit several museums. For example - Museum of African Art, National Air and Space Museum, National Gallery of Art. If you are more into theatres you can visit National Theater that focuses on plays and musicals. Library of Congress is something great for bookworms – largest library in existence! The oldest and best reputed Washington’s universities are Georgetown University and George Washington University. Of course, there are a few interesting places outside the DC. Mount Vernon – place where George Washington lived and is buried.

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