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Working conditions

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Working conditions (Why it is important for employees to have good working conditions, advantages and disadvantages to changes in working conditions, improving working conditions, social activities and events for staff) Most of us spend a huge proportion of our lives at work, so naturally it is important that we have a good environment to work in. As a worker, you have legal protections to ensure that your workplace is safe and healthy. It is your employer's responsibility to make sure that your workplace is free of health danger and unsafe conditions. Above all, a safe workplace is important. No one wants to have to worry about injuries, serious illness or even death in their job. In an office environment, having plants around can brighten the place up, bringing life into the workplace. A workplace free of distractions can also make it easier for employees to concentrate. This makes for a workplace less stress and more productivity. Comfortable seating also contributes to employee satisfaction. Your office should have adequate lighting. The temperature in a workplace is also important. Your workplace should be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but never too much of either at any time. No matter what type of business you run, your employees want to feel that their contributions are valued. It also allows your employees to come to you when they need to. Employees will come to you with problems you want to know about as well as ideas that can increase success. It is a commonly known fact that if one person is feeling down, they bring everyone else down with them. Negativity is contagious, and it can have a negative effect on the workplace. Negative environment causes employees to be unhappy with their jobs and also make them less productive. Plus, if they have other things on their minds, they tend to make mistakes. Bad working conditions can cause employees to consider resigning and moving on to a new job. Recent studies have found that poor working conditions can cause long-term health problems including stress, depression and anxiety. Changes won’t happen overnight. Before you make any changes in working condition you should make staff survey, if your employees agree with your idea or not. You should be aware of opinion of each of staff, because it is important for you what they think about it. It is never happens that every people will agree with you, but you should do what majority want to and for the minority find another alternative solution. One of the biggest disadvantages is that when you already decided that you will make a change and some people won’t accept it they might quit the job or be mad at you, but you can do nothing about it. Only thing you should do is try to make a possibility for them, but you can’t please everyone. As for the advantage it is good to make a change if the change is reasonable. Moreover good change can bring a significant difference to the whole vibe and output of your office. It is important that every employee has a healthy work-life balance. If you or your employees are working overtime every evening or having to cancel personal plans to be at work, then chances are it is affecting your overall happiness at work. As a manager you should make a teambuilding for your employees to them feel more comfortable with each other in the workplace. For example culinary team-building activity that could end in dessert or disaster -- in a fun way. Creating new dishes together requires creativity and will require everyone to put their team and leadership skills into action. Divide your team into smaller teams, pick a food category, and challenge each team to whip up something delicious. Or simply arrange some workshop which your employees might be interest in. It is very common also to make Christmas party once a year or announce party for employer who got promoted, it also encourage other staff to work harder, of simply do some sport in your work, make a sport team and go at least once a week play some sport together. It will build team spirit and good atmosphere in the workplace.

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