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Culture 4

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My cultural life I wake up at half past six every day. I stand up and go to the bathroom to wash my teeth and face. After breakfast I go to the bus stop to go to school. School ends about two o'clock. After school I go home. In the afternoon I usually watch TV. About five o'clock I must learn. I have a lots of hobbies for example swimming, walking around the town, being with my friends. But now I must learn a lot because I want to do school leaving examination. So I haven't much time. I am very happy when the week ends and a weekend comes because I can sleep late and I can spend my leisure time as I wish. Besides helping my parents around the house I can go to the cinema, to see an interesting exhibition in the gallery, or travel to Prague. I can go for a trip with my friend, I can visit my relatives or can devote more time to my hobbies. The weekend is much better than the weekdays. I love holiday very much. Last holiday I spent in Greece. The town is called Tolo. I was with my best friend and my family there. The coming holiday I want to spend with my boy friend either in a abroad or in our country. We must think about it. My ideals holiday with my good friends. When I am with my friends and good people it isn't so important if we are in our country or in a abroad. In my free time I devote myself to a lot of hobbies. When I am in the mood I go to the cinema with my friend. Almost always they are showing some good movie. I like comedies and action movies. Most often I go to the cinema with my boyfriend. I go to the movies about once a week, or once every two weeks. On Sunday afternoons they show special films for children. I like going to the theatre, the opera or to a ballet no matter what is on the programme because I like the atmosphere of the theatre. When we have sat down we usually read the programme to see the cast. The lights go out. The curtain goes up and the performance begins. Since I have been fond of dancing I became a member of a dancing club. We learned both standard dances such as polka and some disco and modern dances. Now I have no time for the dancing club only I go occasionally to a disco in the club. Some people like listening radio and watch TV very much. I listening radio always evening when I go to sleep. After school when I come home I watch serials on TV. Evening I watch TV news, good old films and comedies. Some other programmes such as popular talks and hit parade can be very interesting too. My favourite sports are swimming and volleyball. But I like going to fitness clubs to keep fit too. I like listening popular music. My popular group is "Spice girls". Some of people read books such as novel (science fiction, westerns, travel books and love stories). I like reading love stories. If we need information it is good to have various dictionaries, encyclopaedias and scientific literature.

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