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12) History of the USA II.

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12. History of the USA II.  1904 o 14 Panama Canal  1914 -1918 (11th November) o WW1 (USA entered in 1917) o Russia withdrew (vzdát) from the war o 116 000 people were killed, 53 000 killed in action o USA became financial super power  World financial center Londoncity = Wallstreet o imigration in USA restricted after the war o there were prohibitions on alcohol => so there were gangsters who were looking for the alcohol for people  1929 o Great crush on Wall Street => World crisis  1932 o The Great Depression o new president Franklin D. Roosevelt o 17 mil. unemployed => new deal = first intervention into US economy  the government was buying everything what farmers couldn´t sell  trade uninons  old age + disability pensions  subsidies (dotace)  => after 2 years only 8 milions unemployed  F.D. Roosevelt = it made him extremely popular => he served 3 terms as president and was elected 4 times  1st September 1939 – 2nd September 1945 o WW2 o USA entered 7th December 1941  Usa entered because of Pearl Harbo(u)r (Hawaii)  beacuse Japanese air forces attacked US harbour without declaring the war  aircraft carriers  but US aircraft weren´t there  US army X Japan  in Pacific  breaking points o 1942 Midway  US won  Japan lost 3 aircrafts carriers o 1943 Guadal canal  US won sea battle o US invasions  1943 Sicily, Italy  Both were trainings for D-day (operation Overlord) o Operation Overlord (6 th June 1944)  in Normandy  commander of Operation Overlord was General Dwight Eisenhower  they opened West Front in Europe  it was an international effort  it was the largest naval, air and land operation in history  8.000 dead US+GB soldiers  7.000 dead Ger soldiers  20.000 dead civilians o 8 th May the war in Europe is over o but Japan is still fighting – Kamikatze pilots o 6 th August Hiroszima  America threw a nuclear bomb „Little boy“ on Hirozsima (Japan town) o 9 th August  nuclear bomb „Fat man“ o reason to show the power to Soviet union o responsible president Harry Truman

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