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15. Technology, science and us - P

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15. Technology, science and us Abuse of science and technology The technology can be abused for bullying, stalking or to hack someone’s accounts. If it’s a bank account, they may steal all your money, for example. Also the scince can be abused for finding new more effective ways of killing people, for example. I can mention nuclear bomb, Napalm in Vietnam or Cyclone B during WW1. And of course, it was also used for example in Auschwitz during WW2. Advances in medicine Medicine made great progresses. Many years ago care and treatment were really miserable. People tried to treat themselves with herbs or other natural substances. When they had a fracture, they used to tie it with clothes and support it with some stick. In some countries they also prepared medicaments from fruit juice or venom. These days the doctors have special tools, special hospitals and operating theatres and they know lots of diseases, so they are prepared for everything and usually they try to prevent hard diseases, because they use special apparatus, like X-ray, scan, magnetic resonance… Famous inventors Thomas Alva Edison – a light bulb Henri Becquerel – a radioactivity Albert Einstein – the theory of relativity Isaac Newton – the theory of gravitation Charles Darwin – the theory of evolution Denis Papin – a pressure cooker Johannes Gutenberg – a book printing Galileo Galilei – a telescope Alexandr Fleming – a penicillin The brothers Lumières – a film and a photography James Watt – a steam engine Wilhelm Rontgen – an X-ray Tim Berners Lee – an internet Otto Wichterle – contact lenses Prokop Diviš – a lightning conductor Josef Ressel – a propeller František Křižík – an arch lamp Modern technologies and the problems of today’s world Modern technologies really improve our lives, but there can be of course some problems with them. Our world is becoming technical and sometimes robotic. The biggest problem I think is using social networks. People don´t see each other so often, they prefer to talk with their friends through mobile or Facebook, Twitter, etc. If there is a problem they try to avoid arguing face to face and they rather write SMS or message on PC. The other problems can be with household appliances. They can release toxic gases, for example a fridge. And also means of trasport are very common way of travelling and the exhaust gases are very harmful. Moral dilemmas connected with the use of new technologies Information technologies take many forms. They open new way of interacting with each other. Everyone shares a lot of personal information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect.. Today more consumers, proffesionals and organizations may violet standarts of privacy. Our dependence on computer technologies A computer is for us big benefit and help these days. We can find on the internet a lot of information, we can chat with our friends, we can download films or music, we can write a piece of work to school, etc. But sometimes these good things can turn into bad direction. The addiction might not be so bad – just that way someone need to chat with someone all the time and can’t even imagine his life without his mobile. But many people, especially children, like playing games on the computer and when the games are aggressive or addictive they can cause big problems. And that´s what parents should be watchul and rather let children go out and play outside. Problems with keeping up to date with the changes I think that people try to keep up with the changes, because everybody has mobile, computer, TV, and so on. Epecially for teenagers and young people it´s common to compare their gadgets with friends´ones and sometimes it can cause with ridicule or criticism. Sometimes children can be bullying by their friends because of bad mobile brand or bad clothes. But I think that after some years the problems will move back because the technology is moving on and people won´t mind what is the best mobile brand. Robots and AI – hopes and fears The advantages of robots: high quality, high production, safety, savings of time. The disadvantages of robots: high investment, training programs for employees, the robots don´t guarantee results. The advantages of artificial intelligence: doing tasks without getting tired, doing similar jobs in a huge amount. The disadvantages of AI: breakdown and malfunction, loss of essential information. The biggest fear of robots and AI is that they will occupy our planet and there will be only robots and because they don´t have any emotions, the world will be robotic, without emotions and also without smile and happiness. It is true, that they can do lots of works without being tired, but on the other hand, their feelings aren´t similar to ours and living with them would be very difficult. Science and technology in the future Because of developing science and technology, the future will be more modern than these days. Maybe someday we will travel only by the fastest vehicles (airplanes or space rocket), we will have lots of gadgets, etc. I am not sure, how will the world look like, but I think that everything will be very fast and modern. Maybe our planet will be scattered with robots and AI. Space – the next frontier? I am not sure about what the space looks like, if there is another life or another inhabitants. I must admit, that I am quite sceptical about aliens. I believe that there can be another life, maybe some extraordinary animals or plants. But when I hear about UFO, I don´t believe that there are aliens which want to „steal“ our planet. But nobody knows, what is in the space, maybe the astronauts, which landed on the Moon, have some experiences (if they really were there…) The impact of digitalization, digital technologies These days lots of gadgets are digitalized. It means that for example books are becoming electronic – they can be downloaded into our phones or other gadgets. Personally, I don´t like reading books in electonic form. I like going to library and borrow book or going

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