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18. Mass media and means of communication

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18. MASS MEDIA AND MEANS OF COMMUNICATION nowdays mass media have a big influence on our livesthe kinds of mass media are:newspapers, radio, the internet, television andmagazines NEWSPAPERS newspapers arethe oldest kind of mediapeople like reading newspapersto get more information or sometimes justfor relaxin Britain people read newspapers more than in any other European countrynewspapers can be: dailies – which come outevery day except Sunday weeklies – which come outonce a week newspapers are divided into 2 groups: tabloids bringshort reports mainlyabout life of celebrities and they arefull of gossips there are alsoshort colorful articles with big headlines and many photos in the Czech Republic there are f.ex.Blesk, Šíp orAha and in Britain there areThe Sun orThe Daily Mirror broadsheets in broadsheets there arelong articles with lots of informationabout world news, economy, culture, sport, weather and so on headlines and photos are smaller than in tabloids and they areusually black and white in the Czech Republic there are f.ex.Mladá fronta dnes, Lidové novinyorPrávo in Britain there areThe Times andin America there areThe New York Times MAGAZINES magazines are anotherkind of pressthey are printed on abetter paper than newspapers, come outweekly or monthly and they aremore expensivethere are many types of magazines f.ex.magazines for women, men, children, young peopleand so onwe can also buyspecial ones focused on special topics f.ex.about fashion, cars, animalsetc.famous magazines are:Time, Rolling Stone or Vogue RADIO people who don’t like reading can listen to the radioexcept for regularnews we can listento the music, traffic reports orweather reportsbefore the time when TV was invented people had listened radio more than they do nowthere arepublic radios (f.ex.Czech broadcasting – Český radiožurnál) andprivate radios (f.ex.Evropa 2) THE INTERNET the youngest form of mass mediais the Internet which became necesarry for everyday lifeyou can find almost everything on the Internet and more you can also chat with friends even from the other side of the Earththe huge advantage of the Internet is itsspeed TELEVISION many people prefer watching television to listening to the radio it’s easies to imagine what they are talking about because you can see itin the Czech Republic we have4 main channels → there areČT1, ČT2, PrimaandNovaon TV we can watchnews, the weather forecast, talk shows, reality shows, movies, documentaries... WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF THE INTERNET OVER TRADITIONAL MEDIA? the Internet allows us toget information for free at any time of the day from many sourceson the other hand news on the Internet mightnot beas reliable as traditional mediathere is also too much information online so it sometimesit can be confusing what‘s true and what’s not DO YOU THINK THAT NEWSPAPERS HAVE A FUTURE OR WILL BE REPLACED WITH ONLINE NEWS? I think that in the future newspapers will eventually disappearthey cost too much to print and it’s easier to get the latest news from the Internet because you don’t have to wait on it to get printed or go to the shop to buy it → you can just take your mobile phone and search for anything

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