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20. Health and body care

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20. HEALTH AND BODY CARE HEALTH PROBLEMS AND ILLNESSES COLD symptoms: a sore throat, sneezing, a cough, blocked or runny nose treatment: stay in bed, take cough drops, eat chicken soup, drink lot of tea if you really feel bad for a long time you should go to the doctor prevention: frequent hand washing, wearing warm clothes in winter, eating lots of fruits and vegetables FLU symptoms: a sudden fever, dry cough, headache, sore throat, vomiting, weakness treatment: stay in bed until you feel better, keep yourself warm, drink lot of tea you should go to a doctor if your symptoms ger worse or last longer than a week prevention: flu vaccine, washing hands, staying at home during the flu epidemic SUNSTROKE symptoms: headache, you feel dizzy, red and hot skin, muscle weakness, vomiting, disorientation treatment: take a cold bath or cover the body with wet towels and drink lot of water if you’re feeling really dizzy and unwell you should call an ambulance or go to hospital immediately prevention: drink lot of water, stay out of the sun during the hottest days, wear a hat or cap FIRST AID NOSE BLEED sit down,lean forward andpinch the soft part of your nose above your nostrils for at least 10-15 minutes breathe through the mouth putanice pack to nose and cheeks stay straight anddon‘t lie down if the bleeding eventually stops you won't need to go to a doctor BROKEN ARM stop bleeding with pressure to the wound with a clean pad avoid moving the broken arm it may help to support it ina bandage that goes around the arm and around the neck putan ice pack to the injured area you have to go tothe nearest hospital CUTS stop bleeding with pressure to the wound with a clean pad clean the wound to reduce the chance of infection wash the wound with clean water put a plaster or bandage on the area visit hospital if the cut is deep or over a joint in that case the doctor will probably close the cut withstitches

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