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20. Science and technology

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20. Science and technology Science means something new or something that people don´t know never before. It is a knowledge. It is connected to research. Researches do reaches now at universities and research institute or laboratories. Isaac Newton was an English mathematician from the 17. century and he formulated laws of gravity. Charles Darwin was an English biologist from the 19. century and he developed the theory of natural selection and evolution. He wrote the Origin of Species. Louis Pasteur was a French biologist from the 19. century. Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish inventor known for the invention of telephone. Edison was an American and he invented developed bulb. Nikola Tesla was from Croatia and he invented something with power. Marie Currie Was a Polish chemist, she discovered radioactivity with her husband. The first woman to be a worded to a Nobel price. Einstein made a theory of relativity. Otto Wic hterle was a Czech inventor in 20 century he made soft contact lens. New technologies make our lives easier but sometimes it is more difficult. New technology comes mainly from Asia. PayPal was the first company for online payments like a bank, so you can send money everywhere. But another big company, eBay, bought PayPal. Company Space X trying to send people to Mars. Application Yelp helps people mainly in USA, people can find good restaurants, cafes and other things. The first video on YouTube call Me at the zoo. The video is not very interesting and is only about 20 second long. In technology is one main character and his name is Elon Musk. He is the founder of tesla electric cars, Space X. 3D printers are popular, but they are very expensive. Infrared light is a type of light that can be felt as heat but cannot be seen by the human eye. The solar system is the sun and the group of planets that move around it. Today our mobile phones and laptops let us take our social lives and even our work to bed with us. Tunnel is there because sometime if you cannot go around or over something, you have to go under or through it. One of the oldest tunnels was built under the river so people could walk under it. Most tunnels are constructed for people, cars or trains. The longest tunnel is over 50 kilometres long, between two Japanese Island. Computer programmers have come up with translate text from one language to another. Nowadays, online translation services from Google or Bing are included on lots of web pages. There are even apps for smartphones that can instantly translate any text just by taking a photo of it. THE ISS: The international space station is the most expensive object ever built. There are many satellites in space, some of which can be seen from Earth, the ISS being the largest one. People can easily see it cross the sky. Only Russia owns its own part of the station. The main job of the ISS is to allow astronauts to carry out experiments in a place that has very little gravity. The ISS is wider than it is long. The record for different people living in one spaceship is 19 years. On the computer I spend a little time. I use it only for watch TV series or do homework. At the weekend I use it too only a little time and for preparing to school and Searches for information. I can sace something in file, I can print or scan something and I send or receive emails. I think that sometimes is life harder with facebook and social network because I can have an argument with my friend. But sometimes I can have more friend I can share photo and mood with my friends. Helped computers make people’s lives better? It depends. From one side it can help or be better or sometimes it is worse because the communication with people will disappear. Advantage: faster way of getting information, online newspaper, I can use dictionary online. Disadvantage: waste of time, we can be addict, we can lose normal communication, our lives are only virtual. It can make our live worse, difficult but sometimes it can help. In the past life was different, because people spent more time with family and friends. People don’t waste time to be online every moment. They spent more time on the ground, read real books, play games with friends and go to the library. Internet can distract attention people have all information which they need. They get it very quickly. It can be better when we concentrate to only one thing. In the future everything will be in electricity.

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