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23) Holidays and traditions in the GB and USA

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23. Holidays and traditions FEBRUARY  Valentine´s Day o GB, USA o 14 th of February o people are sending cards and usually they don´t sign, people are sharing their love, going on dates o history  more than one story saying that Valentine could be = for example granting marriages to young lovers when it was prohibited, but they discovered this actions of St. Valentine and they executed him MARCH  Saint Patrick´s Day o 17 th of March o USA, Northern Ireland o It is actually celebrated on St. Patrick´s death, people are wearing green and drinking green beer, they make big parades and walk through streets o St. Patrick brought Christianity to Northern Ireland and is its patron APRIL  Fool´s Day o 1 st of April o people are making fun from one another, they are making a lot of jokes and spreading hoaxes => people expose their pranks by saying April fools o history  masters and servants changed places for 1 day  Easter o celebrated on the first Monday after the first spring full moon o people celebrate the death of Jesus and that he came back from dead (his resurrection) o USA  chocolate egg hunt (usually in the garden, even the president goes) o GB  boiled decorated eggs, Easter bunnies JUNE  Mid summer´s day o 2nd of June o GB only o longest day, nowadays nobody celebrates, big fire day JULY  Independence day o 4 th of July o celebrated in USA o it is celebrated the declaration of independence for USA, banks are having holiday, flags are used more than usually, there are fireworks in the evening OCTOBER  Halloween o 31 st of October o originally from USA in the last 10 yrs celebrated in GB too o usually children are wearing costumes of some magic or scary creature o children are saying “trick or treat“ (if people don´t give to children treat they do them some horrible trick = toilet paper on the house and soap on the windows (or both :D)) o Jack-o-lantern = is carved pumpkin (is used as a porch)  History  the day before all saints day, all ghosts and all witches are free  in the history people were locking themselves up and were scared of all ghost of the dead ones (they had horse shoes on the doors) NOVEMBER  Guy Fawkes Day o 5 th of November o GB o Guy Fawk  planned to blow up the Parliament with the king James I., but he was arrested => his body was quartered => sended to another place => showed to people as warning o children make a straw figure of Guy => go to streets and ask people for money “Penny for the Guy”, in the evening they burn the figures, fireworks and parties in the evening ★ Thanksgiving day ○ USA only ○ forth Thursday in November ○ people celebrate the Pilgrim Fathers (who established USA) and their first crop / harvest (they were helped by the Indians), celebration of the beginning of the USA, people eat turkey DECEMBER  Christmas ○ 24 th of December - Christmas Eve  work day but it ends at 12, family goes together  GB - Father Christmas ● Xmas stocking (at mantel piece or at the bed) ● bigger gifts are under the tree  USA - Santa Clause ● reindeers (Rudolph is main he has a red nose) ● children prepare milk and cookie for Rudolph ● gifts are under the tree (Santa is coming through the chimney  Canada ● they have Santa Claus too but also they have a lot of traditions because a lot of nations live there  Australia ● beginning of the summer holiday, Santa uses kangaroos and is not dressed in so warm clothes ○ 25th of December - Christmas Day  presents ○ 26th of December - Boxing Day  not in USA  GB - “boys from shops” (orphants) were walking through streets and asking for gifts for christmas (were going with boxes)  nowadays still calling boxing day but not going with boxes ○ they eat turkey, christmas pudding ○ watch TV, visit family, go to church ○ carols, tree, mistletoe (kiss under the mistletoe - jmelí) ○ Christmas cracker = only GB (inside = toy and (terrible) joke)  New Year´s Eve ○ 31 st of December ○ parties, champagne, fireworks ○ Auld Lang Syne ○ GB and USA ○ Big Ben GB ○ Times square USA

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