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24. Shopping and services

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Small local shops x shopping centres (positives x negatives) Number of shops Prices and sales Variety of products Facilities (cinema, bowling bar, café, fast food, etc.) Internet shopping – pros & consPaying – cash x credit cardBuying a present for someoneServices Public transport Restaurants Municipal offices Post offices Banks Travel agencies Other 24. Shopping and services I think that shopping is one of the most important part of our everyday lives, because it’s the only way how to get necessary things like food. It can also be a form of relaxation, especially for girls and women. I think that every girl had a time in her life when she went to shopping centre very often and not only for the reason to buy something but to go through the shops and look if they have something new. Girls also love a type of shopping that we call a window shopping. It has got a lot of advantages, mainly because you don’t need money and it’s not so time consuming like normal shopping. To be honest I do it too, but only for shorting the time when I wait for someone or something. In my opinion the most stressful time for shopping is before Christmas. I don’t mean if you have one day before the Christmas Eve, but also for example one month. The time is running and you need to get presents, also you can be in stress because of school and in the end, you are not happy a calm but depressed. The shops are overcrowded every day and if you find something, that you would like to buy, mostly it’s sold out. According to these problems I start to buy products in advance and across the internet. It’s easier because you don’t even have to leave your house and you don’t have to fight with crowds or wait in long queues. On the other hand, you can’t actually see the goods you’re buying, you have to know how to use the Internet fairly well, and you have to wait to receive the products in the mail or by special delivery, which can be expensive. Almost the same advantages and disadvantages has mail-order shopping, when you have to order from a catalogue. And if you are not satisfied with the goods or services, you can always complain by email or telephone call. Both of these types of shopping you need the extra time and if you don’t have it, you must go to shopping centre. Nowadays you have lots of possibilities where you can go. You can choose a shopping mall, which is a very large building, usually one or more floors with many smaller shops inside, but many shopping malls sell mainly one thing – clothing. On the other hand, you can go to a department store, which is a large shop, usually with several floors, with “departments” that sell different kinds of products – clothing, electronics, furniture or for example toys. I think that’s better choice, because everything is in one building and you are not wasting time looking for the right shop.

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