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25. Global issues

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25. GLOBAL ISSUES are problems common for all people in the world –there are many problemes all over the world like: GLOBAL WARMING because of GWicebergs are melting,rainforests are dying andfarms are turning into desertsthe planet is becoming warmer because of humans who causedthe increase with carbon from cars and factoriesthe GREENHOUSE EFFECT anda HOLE IN THE OZON LAYER are related to this topic the GHE: is when the atmosphere gets too hot andair warmed by the Sun gets trapped close to the ground and can’t escape →it‘s caused by carbon a HITOL:lets the strong sunlight through the ozon layer to the Earth which can causecancer in humans DEFORESTATION (kácení lesů) is dangerous because:rainforests produce oxygen which is important for humansand they arehomes for many plants and animalsrainforests alsohelp catch water and give it back to the Earth inthe form of clouds→ which brings uswater POVERTY poverty is a worldwide problemespecially in African countriespeople living in poverty oftencommit crimes to get some food for their families which leads tounsafe citiespoverty also leads tofamineand starvationpoor countries also don’t havea good health care system which leads to population with manydiseases FAMINE (hladomor) more than 2 bilion peole suffer from famine and every year many people die because ofhungerit’smainlyin Africa where arewar conflicts and people don’t have enough food because of it DISEASES there aremany diseases which threaten us f.ex.:bird flu, plague, malaria and others perhapsthe biggest threatis virus HIV which causesAIDS there are many people infected and they don’t even know about it because at firts it has quiet symptom HIV is infectious byblood, through sexual contact orby sharing drug needles NATURAL DISASTERS–earthquakes, floods, tsunami, hurricanes PROBLEMS OF BIG CITIES–air pollution, high cost of living, traffic and crime HOW CAN I HELP THE ENVIROMENT? there are many ways I can help the environmentI can use special light bulbs, turn off the Tv o when I’m not paying attention to it → to save electricityI can ride my bike or walk instead of taking the car or the bus → to save petroland I can recycle paper, glass, and plastic

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