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6 - Capital cities of english speaking countries

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6. Capital Cities of English Speaking Countries Washington D.C. − It is the capital of the USA, also it is residence of President of the USA, the Congress, and the Highest Council − The name of the city was created as a honor to first American president George Washington. − It is located in District of Columbia − It borders with Maryland and Virginia. − We can find there skyscrapers, buildings of public institution, and administration buildings London − It is the capital of UK and it is also the most populous city of England. − It stands on the River Thames − It is one of the biggest world trade centres. − We can find there Buckingham palace, which is residence of Queen Elizabeth II, Tower of London, Westminster Palace, The London Eye, which is famous tourist attraction. − Its area is 1 572 km2 − It is divided into 32 city districts Ottawa − It is the capital of Canada and also the sixth biggest Canada's city − Its area is 2 778 km2 − It is divided into six territorial parts − City has more than 220 km of cycling tracks − It is home of Ottawa Senators, which is only proffesionals team playing in NHL Dublin − It is the capital of Ireland and also the Ireland's biggest city − Its area is 114 km2 − The town is located on the east coast of Ireland at the mouth of the River Liffey into the Irish Sea − The wel -known sights are St. Patrick's Cathedral, Trinity College, Writers Museum, The Spire of Dublin Canberra − It is the capital of Australia − It is located on south-east of the state 280 km from Sydney − It has its residence the Australian Government, Australian High Court and many other government organs Wellington − It is the capital of New Zealand − The population is about 400 000 inhabitants − It is located at the south-western tip of the North Island − It is the windiest city in the world, with an average wind speed of over 26 km/h − There is an International airport − Wel ington is New Zealand's political centre, housing Parliament, the head offices of al Government Ministries and Departments and the bulk of the foreign diplomatic missions.

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