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Advertising Advertising is an important part of themarketing mix.Advertisements inform people about a product or a service and try topersuade(přesvědčit) them to buy it.A company can adverise in different ways,depending on:(záleží na tom:) how much it wishesto spend(kolik chce utratit) the size and type ofthe target audience(cílová skupina)Thetarget audienceis the group of people thatadvertising campaign isaimed at(je zaměřena)It is the part ofthe market segment that youchoose to target by youradvert. for example: housewives on maternity leave, pre-school children, successful businessman and so on. Thedesign and organizationofadvertising campaigns is usually the job ofan advertising agency.The word advertisiments is often shortened toadvert orad. Companies usedifferent media for advertising, which includes for example: TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, BILLBOARDS, THE INTERNET, LEAFLETS.The advertisements can be seen, read or heard. Purposesof advertising are:Information abou a new productTosupport or toboostsales(podpořit prodeje)To warn against desasesTo recruit empoees We canadvertise our product:on TVon the Interneton magazinesin newspaperson billboardson posters The mostexpensive type is TVYou need over 4 milion crownsI think that thecheapest type is Internet If you advertise clothes on snowboard the best way for advertising is advertise it in magazines, which are specialized on snowboards. If you want to know something about your cusomers you can useinterviewsandquestionnaires(dotazníky). TYPE OF AD ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES TV commercials highly effectivemany ways to attract people (songs, celebrities..) expensivemany people change channels during commericals Newspapers (IN newspapers) cheaper than TVyou can carry them sometimes people just skip thead-page Billboards (ON billboards) it is hugeevery driver can see them many people hate them, because theydistract drivers(rozptylují řidiče)can be destroyed by vandals Radio (ON the radio) relatively cheap people can’t see the product – only hear about it Magazines (IN magazines) for specific audiencepossible artistic creation it takes a while before it is printed The Internet (ON the internet) can be quite cheapa lot of people spend time on the internet, so advert see many people there are still people who don’t use the internetthere are a lot of ads on the internet, so the users don’t give much attention to them

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