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Maturitní otázka: AMERICAN CITIES
AMERICAN CITIES WASHINGTON D.C. the USA capitalD.C. = district o Columbiapopulation -681,170 citizenarea -177 km2location – on the Potomac river in the mid-Atlantic region of the U. S. East Coast bordered by Montgomery, Prince George´s Country, Arlington, Alexandria, Virginiathe centers of all three branches of the federal government of the United States - including the Congress, President, and Supreme Court history first Eropeans visit – the early 17th century (inhabited by various tribes of the Piscataway people)1790 – congress passed the Residence Act – approved capital on the Potomac river two pre-existing settlements in the territory – Georgetown, Alexandria demographics nearly 48% Black or African Americansnearly 45% White4% Asian0.6% American Indian or Alaska Native places of interest National Mall – a park 1mile long – connects The Capitol and the Washington MonumentUS Capitol – the seat of American CongressThe White House – the seat of the US presidentWashington Monument – 169 meters high obelisk in the National MallLincoln MemorialJefferson MemorialPentagon – the seat of the Ministry of Defence CITY OF NEW YORK the largest and the most populous citypopulation – 8,537,673 citienarea – 784 km2location – the southern tip of the state of New York on the Hudson river the center of the New York metropolitan area = one of the most populous urban agglomerations in the world situated on one of the world´s largest natral harborsfive boroughs – Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan (the most famous borough – Soho, Broadway, scysrapers), The Bronx, Staten Islandthe most linguistically diverse city in the world (about 800 languages) history Algonquian tribes of Native Americansfirst European visit – 1524 (in service of the French crown)1609 – an English explorer rediscovered the New York Harbor places of interest Manhattan – scyscrapersMetropolitan Museum of Art – the most famous musem in New YorkTimes Square – crossroad between Broadway and the 7th AvenueCentral Park – in the middle-upper Manhattan; several lakes and ponds, Central Park Zoo etc.Empire State Building – the most famous scyscraper in New YorkOne World Trade Center – the most expensive office tower in the worldThe State of Liberty LOS ANGELES in Californiapopulation – nearly 4 million citizenthe second most populous city in the United Stateshistory – founded by Spanish governon places of interest Hollywoodthe biggest zoo in the worldWalt Disney Concert Hall CHICAGO in Illinois – the Midwestern United Statespopulation – about 2.5 citien; the thirt most populous city in the U. S.near the Great Lakeshistory – founded in 1780s by a French settlersituated on the Chicago river„City in a Garden“ – a large number of parksJohn Hancock Center SAN FRANCISCO Californiaconsidered as a one of the most beatiful cities in the worldGolden Gatelarge China town – the largest settlement outside Asia Houston (Texas), Phoenix (Arizona), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), New Orleans - California (the birth place of Jazz), Las Vegas (Nevada)

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