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Popis maturitní otázky Environment
Environmental protection What is the environment? The environment is air, water and land around us. How are people damaging the environment? There are some examples how people are damaging the environment. The first problem are exhaust fumes made by cars. Pollution is critical especially in big cities. The air is also polluted by smoke from factories. Maritime countries have another big problem. This problem involves dumping waste into the sea. My last example also concerns the sea. An oil tanker can cause oil spills if they have crash. Then birds and fish die and the sea water is dirty for a long time. What are some environmental problems and what can they cause? Nowadays, probably the biggest environmental problems are global warming and cutting rainforests, which produce oxygen. There are also some others, which you maybe don´t know about. For example extinction of species of sea creatures because of destruction of coral reefs. What is ozone layer / ozone hole / global warming / greenhouse effect? Global warming is a type of climate change. Average temperatures on the Earth rise because of the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect is about retention exhaust fumes in the atmosphere. These fumes are holding heat on the Earth, it can´t go away into the space and the atmosphere is getting warmer. The main impacts are that glaciers and polar ice are melting, rain forest are dying and the green spaces are changing into deserts. What types of extreme weather do you know? There are 5 types of extreme weather. Drought and forest fires when it´s too hot, floods when it rains too much and tornado and thunderstorm when airy pressures are erratic. What can you do to help our environment as a singleindividual? When you want to help the environment as a single individual you can reduce or recycle your waste. You can also save water and electricity. You can´t make illegal landfills or drop the litter in public places. You can also ride a bike instead of driving a car. What are some types of alternative energy? In these pictures you can see some types of alternative energy. This is water reservoir, which makes power for electricity and you can see water reservoirs often in Czech republic too. Less frequent are wind power plants and solar panels, which produce electricity too. The least frequent are nuclear power plants which can be really dangerous when there is an accident. What means of transport are eco-friendly? Probably the best known eco-friendly mean of transport are electric cars. But they are not the only ones. There is also a car hydrogen car. You can often see segways in bigger cities or nowadays hoveboards too. But the most eco-friendly means of transport is a bicycle. Do you know any environmental organizations? I think that the biggest environmental organization is Greenpeace. They have branch offices and members all around the world. They organize demonstrations, events to inform the public or write some petitions. Do you think supermarkets should give away plastic bags for free? Why or why not? I think supermarkets shouldn´t give away plastic bags for free because people don´t take them so often when they must pay for them. I also think that plastic bags should be replaced by paper bags. Do you do anything to help the environment? What? I recycle waste. We also use saving bulbs at home and we have an eco-friendly boiler. Can you explain the following phrase: “reduce, reuse, recycle”? This phrase says that people should reduce using water or electricity and also reduce waste, they should reuse old things or if they are in condition then they should recycle them. And now I´ll show you a video Going Green which is about the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDL3xOEjAe8

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