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First aid

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First aid First aid is provided in situations that threaten the human life. We call thesesituations life-threatening. In these situations we givelife-saving procedures. To thelife-threatening situations belong: cardiac arrest cessation of breathing large bleeding choking intoxication (poisoning) exposure to cold / frostbites exposure to heat / sunstroke allergic reaction / insect bites large burns / electric burns drowning First aid: ABC – check theAirway checkBreathing checkCirculation Cardiac compressions are very important, in the rate of 100x per minute. We do not provide artificial respiration. We provide cardiac compressions. The most common accidents in the home: common cuts minor burns injuries in relation to gardening injuries in relation to activities in the household -DIY accidents – Do-It-Yourself accidents DIY (falls from the height) accidents of preschool children – drowning in open swimming pools (so there should be fences outside the pools) – prevention is very important First aid chest / kit dressings bandages thermofoil scissors adhesive tape / plaster tourniquet desinfectants gause pads safety pins pain relievers / analgesics / pain killers oral contraceptives creams – ointments nasal drops eye drops vaginal suppositories vitamins / minerals / probiotics / food supplements char coal / antidiuretics There are 11 human body systems: cardiovascular respiratory muscular skeletal nervous reproductive excretory integumentary lymphatic endocrine digestive There are more than 200 bones and about 600 muscles in the human body.

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