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Great Britain GB is constitutional monarchy with the queen as a head of state and the official name is The UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The British Islands lies in the north-west part of Europe. They consist of a large island Great Britain, a smaller Ireland and a lots of very small islands, for example the Shetlands, the Orkneys, Jersey, … and the last is Ireland, Belfast, shamrock, St Patrick. England is separated from France by the Channel (La Manche in French but that name English don’t like). UK climate is mild, and dump influenced by Gulf stream without extreme cold or heat. But there is often rainy, windy and foggy. The longest river is Severn and the second longest is river Thames which flows through London. Liverpool is situated on the river Mercy and Glasgow on Clyde. We can find a lot of lakes too. The most of lakes are in Lake district (North-western England) and in the Highlands of Scotland, we can find her for example Loch Lomond and Loch Ness, where lives Nessie) The highest mountain is Ben Nevis (1 343 m) in the Scottish Highlands. There are for example Pennines and Cumbrian mountains in England. The Britain is divided into counties and has population about 60 million people. There are many ethnic groups like the English, the Scottish, the Irish and The Welsh and many immigration groups, especially in cosmopolitan London. British are really conservative and like traditions. The most of English people are Protestants. The national flag of Britain is the Union Jack. It is composition of three crosses - flags of England, Scotland and Ireland. National anthem is God save the queen, or God save the king, it depends who rule. The queen is Elizabeth II. She lives in Buckingham palace in London. Parliament consist of House of Commons and House of Lords. Parliamentary system is the oldest on the world. Prime minister is Theresa May. Something about industry: GB is rich in coal. The industry comprises high and light engineering, electronic goods, clothing and many others. The most famous industry cities are Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. And something about agriculture: Wool, beef, cattle, horse breeding, potatoes, barley, sugar beet, wheat and oats are typical for UK There are many places of interests. For example, the most famous university cities Oxford and Cambridge, in short version Oxbridge. Cantenbury which has religion meaning and it is famous for Cantenbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Stratford-upon-Avon birthplace of Shakespeare and many other amazing places. Not only cities but also countryside. GB was firstly settled by the Celts, next it was added to Roman Empire. The Jutes, the Angles and the Saxons came from Germanic lands after the withdrawal of Roman legions. King John sign Magna Carta in 1215, a guarantee of rights and the rule of law. There where a Hundred Years’ War and England was defeated by France. The War of the roses was long civil war between House of Lancaster (emblem with red rose) and House of York (emblem with white rose). After the war King Henry VIII. Ruled, Queen Elizabeth I. ruled after him and the next famous queen was Queen Victoria.

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