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Holidays and Celebrations

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Maturitní otázka z angličtiny vypracovaná s otázkami bez souvislých textů.
14. Holidays and Celebrations 1) Which are the most commonly celebrated festivals in the world? The most commonly celebrated are Christmas in winter and Easter in spring. Easter is celebrated after the first full moon in spring. It is a Christian festival, making the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. These holidays are celebrated nearly all over the world in various ways. 2) How is Christmas celebrated in the Czech Republic? Preparations for Christmas in our country begin four weeks before December 24. This period of time is called Advent. Housewives bake sweets and clean their houses. Many people make Advent wreaths with four candles, on efor each Sunday of Advent. A lot of people buy a Christmas trees. Christmas Eve, which is on December 24, is the most important day of Christmas. By tradition, people shouldn’t eat anything all the day for see golden pig. For Christmas diner Czech people usually have lentil or fish soup and fried carp with potato salad. After the diner the family unwrap presents under the Christmas tree. Children believe that little Jesus brings them. In Britain and the USA Christmas is celebrated a bit differently. On Christmas Eve after children have gone to bed, Santa rides a sledge pulled by reindeers in the sky, entering homes through chimneys. The diner on Christmas Day is the most important meal of the year. The British usually have roast turkey and potatoes followed by special Christmas pudding. 3) How is Easter celebrated in the Czech Republic, in Britain and the USA? In Czech Republic the most important day of Easter is Easter Monday, especially for men and boys. Groups of them walk from house to house from early morning until noon, visiting girls and women. When they arrive at a house they recite a rhyme and whip the women with a braided reed. (Když dorazí do domu, přednášejí rýmy a bičují ženy pleteným rákosím.) In return, women give them coloured eggs, money or a shot of liquor. Women believe this tradition will bring them cheerfulness and health for the whole year. In England Good Friday and Easter Monday are republic holidays. Children look forward to Easter Sunday called Easter Day, which is a day for chocolate eggs. Easter Sunday in the USA is a special day for many people, especially children. Families traditionally decorate eggs with dyes and crayons. (barviva) According to the legend, the Easter Bunny comes and hides the eggs and often leaves behind baskets if goodies- like toys and chocolates. (vypadne mu z košíku) Children spend the morning hunting for eggs hidden all over the house and garden. 4) Which are important national holidays in the Czech Republic? The anniversary of the birth of Czechoslovakia is on the 28th of October The end of the World War II is on the 8th of May A Wenceslas Day is on the 28th of September The Day of Fight for Freedom and Democracy is on the 17th of November 5) Do you know another holidays in Britain and the USA? Holidays in Great Britain are: St. Valentyne’s day is on the 14th February and it is a lover’s day. -young people send Valentine cards and Exchange gifts. St. Patrick’s Day is on the 17th March -when the Irish celebrate their patron sain. Guy Fawkes Night is on the 5th of November -it celebrated with bonfires and fireworks - commemorates the unsuccessful plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605 (připomíná neúspěšné spiknutí, aby vyhodili do vzduchu…) British Queen’s official birthday in June -it a great ceremony with a parade of the Queen’s guards and soldier (je to skvělá ceremonie s přehlídkou královské stráže a vojáka) Holidays in the USA are: Memorial Day in the 4th Monday in May -to honour all who died in a war Independence Day on the 4th July -celebrates the birth of the USA Thanksgiving Day is every 4th Thursday in November. -it’s a family holiday, originally celebrating the successful harvest of the nation’s first settler. (která původně slaví úspěšnou sklizeň prvního osadníka národa) Haloween is celebrated in the USA and Canada Children dress up in the Halloween costumes of ghosts, witches, wizards… They go to neighbour’s houses and are given sweets, fruit or money. They typically carve lanterns out of pumkins.

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