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Holidays and traditions UK-USA

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Holidays and tradition UK/USA 14th of February is Valentine’s Day - granting mar riages in ancient Rome when it was prohibited 1) cards - cards usually not signed or your Valentine - they send cards - very important in Britain - buy cards in a card shop - flowers, roses, presents, dinners - people going on dates to the restaurant, you don’t go to the restaurant it’s dangerous 17th of March - Saint Patrick‘s Day - he brought Christianity in to the Ireland - People drink green beer, dye their hair - parades 1stof April April Fool’s day - masters and servants changed positions - play tricks Easter - first Christian Holiday - celebrated on the first Monday after the first spring full moon - resurrection, Jesus returned from the dead - spring, new life - eggs (hard, boiled, dyed, chocolate) - easter bunnies - in the USA it called Easter Egg hunt, easter eggs hidden in the garden May - mother’s and father’s Day - it changed - mother’s day is strong tradition, father’s day not - mother’s day – picnic, dinner, family do the breakfast - trips with family, don’t go away 24th of June Mid summer’s Day - only in GB - longest day - fairies, boufires - some people is strange 4th of July Independence day - celebrated in USA - 1776 was the Declaration of Independents - spend time with friend and family, drink beer, go to the parks - bank holiday (=státní svátek, všechno zavřeno) - barbecue, sports in TV - fireworks 31st of October - Halloween - USA/UK - slowly becoming popular - evening before All Saint’s Day - this night people believed that all ghosts and witches were free - they locked themselves up in their houses - now they dress as witches, ghosts or scary creature - children go “trick or treat” - they get some sweets, cookies if not –> trick (toilet paper, eggs throw on the window) - Jack – o – lantern = carved pumpkin with candle in it 5thof November - Guy Fawkes day - in GB - Guy Fawk 1605 – planned to blow up the parliament with king James I. - children make a figure of Guy Fawk - go to streets and ask people for money - in the evening they burn the figures - fireworks - sometimes Bonfire night 11th of November Veteran’s day USA Remembrance Day UK - or Poppy Day - it’s connected with charity Thanksgiving Day - USA only - forth Thursday in November - Pilgrim Fathers celebrate their first crop in the new world …. their friends – Indians - families together - food – turkey Black Friday – officially Christmas shopping Christmas 24th of December – Christmas Eve - they are getting together, they can have some party, family coming UK - Father Christmas - Xmas stockings (at mantel piece or at the fireplace or at the bed) - (film Mr.Bean) USA - Santa Claus - cookies and milk 25th of December – Christmas Day - they open the presents - dinner - church - TV 26th of December - Boxing Day - because the “boys from shops” (=dílna) saint carols and were given sweets or presents - for dinner they eat turkey, Christmas pudding - carols , mistletoe New Year’s Eve - 31stof December - parties, champagne, fireworks - Big Ben GB - Times Square USA - sing Auld Lang Syne – Scottish song, they sing this night

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