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Newspapers are still a very common type of media. They contain news in different forms and writing styles. The news articles written by journalists occupy most of the space, but in newspapers, we can also find interviews, the weather forecast, TV programs, charts and pictures. Besides the print version, most newspapers are now publish online on their websites. Can you name the most common media that we use Can you name the most common media that we use every day? every day Why is it useful? Why is it useful Media serves to create, store and deliver information in various forms to its audience (end user). Media for having for having fun/for fun/for entertainment entertainmen for studying for studyin Social Media is the most recent phenomenon, especially for the young generation. What can we use media for? What can we use media for We can use media... to get the to get the news news ELECTRONIC ELECTRONIC MEDIA MEDI PRINT MEDIA PRINT MEDI BROADCASTING BROADCASTIN to kill to kill some time some time The most popular form of Social Media are the social media sites on the Internet, such as Facebook or Twitter. There are also social media sites like Linkedin, which are more business like and useful for job hunting. We can categorise it by the type of medium that finally shows the information to us. Broadcasting media distributes audio or video content, typically by using radio waves. Broadsheet vs. Broadsheet vs. Tabloid Tabloid Newspapers Newspaper Print media produces physically content - we can see and touch it at the same time. Electronic media (sometimes called "digital" media) uses electronic devices to deliver content to the end user (audience). + - How does it work? How does it work Public vs. Public vs. Commercial Commercia TV T Why is it so popular? Why is it so popular It has both advantages as It has both advantages as well as many drawbacks. well as many drawbacks Print vs. Online Print vs. Onlin Newspapers Newspaper Are there any differences within Are there any differences within the same types of media? the same types of media They publish verified information, interviews with experts and describe real situations or predictions. Commercial TV is controlled by a private media corporations. It gains most of its revenues by airing advertisements. Electronic media is a relatively new group of media, invented and continuously developed during the 20th century. Newspapers Newspaper Media have advantages as Media have advantages as well as drawbacks. well as drawbacks Radio Radi Public TV is owned by the state, so its main goal is to be a public service. Broadsheet newspapers are usually focused on specific topic such as business, finance, economy or politics. Tabloid newspapers tend to publish sensationalist news and issues, such as crime stories and gossip columns about celebrities' lives. This sort of information is less valuable than that from the serious press. Most newspapers are published periodically - daily or weekly. Almost everyone uses the internet to have fun. We can watch movies and videos, read blogs or chat with our friends. More and more students use electronic media to make their studies easier. Primarily, they use the internet because of the many sources it offers for free. They use it via laptops, desktop computers, tablets or smartphones. On every smartphone, tablet or laptop with an internet connection, we can read live news provided by on-line newspapers. Print media is the oldest of these three types. Although the popularity of electronic media is constantly increasing, print media, such as newspapers, books, textbooks, magazines and print maps are still widely used. Broadcasting is used for both radio and television services. Broadcasting as a wide spread service emerged after 1920, but its biggest impact began after the Second World War when TV became common in homes. - Facebook, the most popular social media site worldwide, has over 1 billion users. Books Book The Internet The Interne Television Televisio Computers Computer Although many students use electronics to study more effectively, textbooks and exercise books are still widely used in the education system. Some people also use books to educate themselves outside of school. Print media has a big disadvantage. It must be printed before it can be delivered to the audience, so the publisher's costs are bigger. In a comparison to electronic media, it takes a lot longer of time to create and publish an article in print newspapers than in online newspapers. We can buy daily newspapers to get world news, local news or sport news at news stands. Only a few people still read books for fun or to relax. Some people simply enjoy a moment with a drink and a book, lying on the couch. The biggest advantage of the electronic media is that many electronic devices (with an internet connection), such as smartphones, tablets or laptops are small enough to carry in pockets or bags... Electronic devices are very expensive and may have a negative effect on people's health. What is it? What is it "Media" is any means or method, that provides information or data to the masses (TV, books, computers), as well as the provider of the information (online news publisher, TV station). Social Media Social Medi Even broadcasting is being replaced by electronic media because the internet offers almost the same services to us, but unlike TV or radio, small electronic devices with internet connection are suitable to carry with us. + Mass media Mass medi The experience of reading a real book is what many people like with printed media. Books as well as printed newspapers have had a centuries long tradition. Thanks to broadcasting media, such as TV, we can watch movies in very high quality on a big screen and with a great sound. Even radio has many possibilities, it's great in cars to entertain the driver while they are driving. On TV, we can watch many different TV shows, movies and sporting events. Radio can entertain us in the car during

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