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Modes of transport

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Modes of transport What modes of What modes of transport can we use in transport can we use in the Czech Republic? the Czech Republic Do you know any special Do you know any special modes of transport modes of transpor in Great Britain? in Great Britain Metro/subway Metro/subwa Yes, London (the capital city of Great Britain) is characterized by its underground (tube) system, which holds the title for the oldest subway (metro) in the world. Its first station was opened in 1863 and the first wagons (carriages) were pulled by steam locomotives. There is another connection between Great Britain and European continent. It is under the sea and it's called the Eurotunnel or Channel Tunnel. It's a 50.5-kilometre rail tunnel and it's used by high-speed trains carrying people as well as road vehicles (cars). It connects England and France as well, but it's very fast and more comfortable. The drawback is that if you are travelling under the sea, you cannot admire the famous white cliffs of Dover. How do we travel abroad? How do we travel abroad BUS BU For travelling abroad, Czechs use cars or aeroplane and occasionally buses. The most popular destinations that Czechs reach by car or bus are Croatia, Italy or Germany. By plane, people mostly travel to exotic destinations like Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey or Thailand. The most important hub of air transport in Czech Republic is the Václav Havel International Airport in Prague, which checks in more than 11 million passengers per year. Bicycle Bicycl Car Ca Ship Shi Motorb ike Motorb ik Airplane Airplan Spaceship Spaceshi Train Trai Hot air balloo n Hot air balloo First aeroplane was made and successfully launched by the Wright brothers in 1911. Since then, aviation has gone through many years of a rapid development and now it's one of the safest ways how to travel. Travelling by plane is most effective for long distances, that's the reason why people use it mostly for reaching their holiday destinations. There are two major aviation companies, Boeing and Airbus, who produce the largest planes in the world. They are able to carry hundreds of passengers. Aeroplanes use a runway to land, which is part of an airport. Aeroplanes must be flown by experienced pilots, who must go through very difficult, long and expensive training. Where and how do we travel? Where and how do we travel In the Czech Republic, the most common mode of transport is cars and the most common modes of public transport are buses, trains and trams. In bigger cities, we can also use taxis, which are comfortable but also very expensive. The cheapest way to travel is to take a bus or a train. In our capital city (Prague), we can also use the metro or trams. Public transport Public transpor Public transport is controlled by the government, more precisely by a state-owned company (enterprise), and generally, it's very reasonably priced. Some groups, such as students, can buy discounted tickets. Some other groups (small children, pensioners, the handicapped) can get their fares for free. The most common modes of public transport are buses, trams or trains. In bigger cities, we can also use a metro system. The subway is an underground rail system used in big cities around the world. Transport is provided by special trains. Prague metro was founded in 1974. Today, it has 3 lines and more than 60 stations. It serves as a good alternative for transportation in city centres, where traffic jams complicate transportation on the surface. Another typical British mode of transport is the double-decker bus, best known for its two decks and typical red colour however it's not only used in Great Britain. The state-owned company Czech Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the world, founded in 1923. Currently it has deep financial problems and it's being taken over by a private carrier called Travel Service. Hot air balloons are the oldest flying technology that can carry people. The first successfully tested balloon (in 1783) was made by the famous Montgolfier brothers. Today, they are primarily used in festivals, exhibitions, shows and you can also buy a balloon flight for someone as a gift. In many countries and cities around the world, buses play a major role in public transport.The bus is a larger version of the car and can carry about 40 or 50 passengers, but there are types that can carry over one hundred people. One of the largest types of bus is the articulated bus, which has two or more parts (sections) connected by a mechanical joint in the middle. In some Czech cities, like Brno or Plzeň, we can find an electric bus called trolleybus. Buses are also used very often in airports to transport tourists from the terminal to their plane and back. We can also use buses for travelling abroad. articulated bus trolleybus What mode of transport What mode of transport do you prefer? do you prefer Trains usually consist of multiple cars (wagons, carriages) connected to each other. Trains stop at railway stations and moves along rails. They can carry people as well as various goods like coal, cars, petrol and many others. The front part of the train is the locomotive, which pulls the rest of the train. In olden times, most trains were pulled by horses and later powered by steam. Today, the most common are electric or diesel locomotives. Ships serve as water based transport, sailed by a captain throughout the rivers, seas and oceans. There are many different types of ship. Tankers, for example, can be loaded with multiple types of goods like oil, cars or wood. Another type is the cruise ship, carrying passengers (tourists). Yet another type is the ferry, a ship which usually carries people and their cars over short distances, for example between a coastline and nearby islands. All types normally need a harbour to dock at. Ships are useful for carrying large amounts of goods over long distances but they usually take a lot of time. Motorcycles or motorbikes are motor vehicles usually with two wheels and are fo

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