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1. Money

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Money Different currencies (měny)Opening a bank account, fees, interestsFinancial troubles, reasons why people get into debt and ways to get out of themFinancial literacy (gramotnost): budget, expenses, saving money…Credit cards: pros and cons Money, all the world is crazy about. Almost everyone would like to be rich. They mean having enough money causes actually not to need anything. But where is the zone of happiness from money beginning? Sometimes people forgot what the main reason of living is and the more money they have the more they need. Even though people are comfortably off that doesn’t mean they are satisfied. It’s also important to appreciate other living values instead of money – health, relationships with friends, happiness. Evolution of currency – From the first step on surface till now, we have made huge progress in the way we pay for commodities. People changed their stuff for something they needed. In the Middle Ages was popular phrase: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. Step by step during the history humans have discovered coins, banknotes, credit/debit cards and even the internet banking. Coins are metallic money with lower value than banknotes which are from paper. The main difference between credit and debit card is, that debit card cooperate with your money from your account. You get debit card when you establish new account. Credit card means you are able to pay with money you borrow at the bank. No special account is needed. Nowadays the most popular payments are through the internet banking. It is simple and fast. Everything you have to do is giving an order for payment from your home. Almost everyone has his own card. To pay withcredit cards has pros and also cons. It is faster and more convenient. You may just have no cash in pocket wallet but small plastic card is always with you. I find as a disadvantage impossibility of making payment at coffee/food automat and another small shops. Credit cards also can improve your addiction to shopping – be aware of shopping fever. How to bewell of? There are a few ways how to reach this goal. You need to have well paid work with high position or come in to the huge amount of money. Third possibility is to try your fortune and bet your money into lottery. Women/men could also get married to an affluent man/woman. Students are often dependent on their parents. They usually get allowance (f.e. to gain some responsibility for the decisions) but anyway they have almost no money. Especially adolescents would like to be more independent, so for them it’s a must to be careful with money. They are not the only example of people who can be easily hard up. People often work out their total income because they have no experience and waste their money which could be huge mistake for the future of their life. Toget into debt is not unusual situation. Sometime is hard to repay a total amount of money and get out of debt. For that reason it would be great if everyone was financially literate. Basic knowledge about saving money, expenses in household, borrows could prevent homelessness and getting ripped off. Rags to riches – kind of pers ons who were really poor and luckily became comfortably off and also famous. J.K. Rowling – creator of the Harry Potter books – she used to be jobless, penniless, depressed single mother. Steve Jobs - leader in the technology industry; the founder of Apple. The company was started in a garage.

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