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2. Success and failure

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2. Success and failure Success Make a breakthrough–to make an important discovery or developmentRemarkable achievement –a very good achievementDramatic improvement –a great improvementA useful contribution– to contribute something in a good way Failure Fail miserably– to be totally unsuccessfulSpectacular failure– extremely unsuccessfulDoomed to failure – certain to failDismal failure – a total failureRecipe for disaster– will lead to major problems Phrasal Verb Come off–succeed; informal. Do you think his plan will come off? Conversation Questions How would you define success?How do you measure success?Who is the most successful person you know?Is success important to you?Who do you think is the most successful person in your country?What has been your greatest success?What part does luck play in success?Is success a journey or destination?Does success make a person happy?Do you believe that people must work hard to become successful? What kind of success do you want in the future in your life?What can you do now to be successful in the future?Do you think that money and fame means success?Can you think of an example of a famous failure?Do you think most people fail before they succeed? Successful Samantha has a long list ofimpressive accomplishments.It seems like everything she does ends up being aphenomenal success.In her very first job, she created ahighly effectiveway to motivate the company’s employees, resulting in adramatic improvementin workplace morale. Now she’s developing a system for real-time translation among 100 different languages. If she can pull it off, it’ll be anunprecedented success(success in something for the first time in history)and thecrowning achievement(best or most significant achievement)of her career. So far, the program has enjoyedmodest success(some limited success)but there is stillroom for improvement(potential for improvement).However, Samantha says that the team ismaking good progress,and that in the next month or two she hopes tomake a breakthrough(make a sudden advance in success, especially when you overcome an obstacle). Although Samantha is very ambitious, she’s also a very likeable person. Shebrings out the bestin other people, and quicklywins the respectof colleagues. Samantha’s brother, Disastrous Dan, is the opposite – everything he attempts seems tofail miserably.He wanted to be a doctor, but his teachers told him he wasn’t smart enough,dashing his hopes(making him abandon hope)of a career in medicine. He had the opportunity to do a prestigious internship in another country, but helost his nerve(lost his courage)and turned down the offer. He then applied for various jobs, butcompletely failedto show up to the interviews on time. He was eventually hired, but later lost his job during an economic downturn due to hismediocre performance(average work, not very special)and total lack ofremarkable achievements. Dan then tried to start his own software company to compete with Samantha’s; that was aspectacular failure.He invested his life savings in the business, despite all his friends telling him that it would bearecipe for disaster(very likely to result in disaster).His sales predictions wereway off the mark(completely inaccurate),and the companywent under(lost all its money and shut down)just eight months after it was founded. Poor Dan – it seems like he’sdoomed to failure(destined to be unsuccessful).Butif all else fails(if everything is unsuccessful),he can always move into Samantha’s mansionas a last resort(a final possibility)!

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