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22. Mass Media, GB, USA,CR

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22. Mass media in the UK, the USA and in the Czech Republic Mass media has 3 general functions: to inform, teach and to entertain us. In fact, under this word are included press, radio broadcast, TV, film and theatre. They have to inform us as quickly as possible about news from home and abroad, weather or just about new gossips from show business. They are easily available, complex and cheap. Thanks to the press, radio and television we learn about the world around us. We use daily new appliances which were found out thanks to development in science. It is for example computer, internet, mobile phone and others. According to me the most effective instrument among mass media is internet. Because with a few clicks in a moment you find on this World Wide Web just the information you want what is very effective. The press is one of the oldest information instruments. The press like newspapers and magazines have a great influence on public opinion and they also influence the political life. Newspaper can be national, regional, broadsheets and tabloids. Newspapers are published every day, some of them are published even at weekend. Most people in our country take a daily newspaper. They read it at the bus stop, when they go by bus, train or tram. The newspapers can be divided into the quality newspapers (board-sheets), the popular newspapers (tabloids), local newspapers. BroadsheetsTabloidsTabloids are Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Star. The serious papers in USA are The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, NY Daily News. Tabloids are Blesk, Aha, Prásk. The front of a newspaperThe next few pagesOne pageLast page is usually devoted to sports events and sports results. Journals are serious magazines. They publish articles written by experts – e.g. doctors, scientists, teachers etc. Television is the most popular source of information for people and many people spend most of their free time watching TV. On TV we can watch: news programmes, the weather forecast, talk shows, quiz shows, documentaries, educational programmes, live sport programmes, soap operas, films, cartoons, sitcoms – an amusing series in which there is a different story each week about the same group of people such as Friends, Married with Children, Beverly Hills … From all these instruments of mass media I prefer internet. My laptop is on almost the whole day and if I don’t write something to school and listen to music, I am on internet. I like chatting with my friends on Facebook and watching some interesting and funny videos. First I used to listen to radio a lot but nowadays I don’t listen radio very often. But when I do my homework I like listening to British radio like BBC Radio 1 for example with Nick Grimshaw because he is very funny and he talks with interesting and popular people. I don’t like watching TV; it is too boring for me. I used to watch only my favourite serials – Dr House, AHS, HIMYM, but now all of them are online so I turn the TV on only recently.

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