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23. House, home So, first of all, I’d like to tell what the home is. Home is practically an inseparable part of our lives. Having your own home, it’s one of the most basic human needs.It should be a place where we live, where we spend our free time and where we feel safely. It is a place of understanding and our privacy.A popular saying is "Home is where the heart is". Nowadays, we can choose from many kinds of accomodations - family houses, villas, flats, cottages, bungalows and many more. Now, I’d like to describe my actual home. My family and me live in a family house with a garden in Kladno in the quarter Kročehlavy. It’s a quiet and calm quarter and it´s not isolated, so I´m really satisfied. My school is nearby as well as many shops and also my grandparents and friends live near to me.In the garden, we have some trees, such as the apple-tree, cherry-tree or peach-tree. We grow there also lots of fruits and vegetables, for example potatoes, strawberries, black currant or cucumbers. We plant also some flowers, for example tulips or roses. Mostly it’s my mother who takes care of the garden, but both my parents like gardening. In our house live my mum, dad, my sister and me. We have no pets, but I‘ve wish a dog for my whole life. We also used to have fishes. Our house is just a typical family house. It has two floors, the ground floor and the first floor. On the ground floor, we have the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, the toilet and the bedroom of my parents. Upstairs, there are two rooms, one is mine and one is my sister’s, then there is our bathroom and toilet. These days I have to share my room with my sister, because my older sister has returned home for a while and she is using the other bedroom. However, I don´t really mind this, because my both sisters go to work and they don´t spend much time at home. Also because the computer is in the next room and it’s used very often by both sister, most of time I have my room only for myself. As I’ve already said, our house is in the suburb of Kladno, which is great. It’s quite calm in there, the countryside is nice and it’s not far from the centre of the town. The bus stop is nearby and the bus goes almost every twenty minutes. I don’t have an exact image of my ideal home. I’m sure it has to be a house, for example family house or villa, I wouldn’t like to live in a housing estate where you lose all your privacy. I’d like to live in the country or in the suburb, but I wouldn’t mind to live somewhere closer to the centre of the city. Maybe I also wouldn’t mind to live in the foreign country, if it was possible. I just would like to have a beautiful house with a garden, swimming pool and some animals, mainly a dog. When I talk about home, I have to mention one controversial problem - the generation gap. This happens when lots of different generations live in one house or even in one flat, for example children live not only with their parents, but also with their grandparents. People from different generations don’t understand each other, grandparents don’t understand modern trends, they often criticize their grandchildren for their clothes, music or behaviour. Children don’t like their grandparent‘s stories about their youth and they often think that they live in another century. Many conflicts and arguments come from this generation gap. I think it’s important to respect each other and then the gap won’t be so huge. Another problem is leaving your home. When teenagers become adults, it’s the time when most of them leave or at least want to leave home. This is mostly a difficult period for parents, because a lot of them don’t want to let their children go into the „dangerous world“. But there are also children who don’t want to go and stay home even until their thirties. They like to stay at home, because everything is more comfortable, you still have your old room that you’re used to. You don’t have to move anywhere and parents still take care of you. It’s also advantageous for the money, because at home, you don’t have to pay the rent, you only contribute to household and do some houseworks. You donť have to pay for example an electricity, gas and other charges, too. You also don’t have to live a lonely life, there is always someone in the house to return to. Some children prefer to leave home as soon as possible because they want to live their own life, without parent control, they want to try to live alone. They also often seek for privacy which they don’t have at home. Parents see it usually in a similar way. Some of them don’t want to let children go because they still see them as little kids that need to be protected and they want to still control their lives. They’re also afraid of emptiness or that their life will lose its purpose without children. But some of them want to let their children go, because it’s time to teach them how to be responsible as an adult. Parents also want to enjoy their retirement and the money they earned during their lives, for example they want to travel, find new hobbies and other things. They also want their privacy back. It’s difficult to say when it’s the best age to leave home, but I think the best is to leave home as soon as you start working or when you find a partner with whom you want to live alone. You can also leave when you start going to university and you need to move closer, for example to the college. I have to mention also the problems connected with housing. The first problem is financing the accommodation. The prices of houses and flats still rise and the rent is also higher and higher. These days, it’s really difficult to find a nice accommodation in a good locality and for a low price. To help the financing, people often use mortgages or special „housing savings accounts“. Mainly the young people open the savings accounts so they can buy some lodging in their adulthood. Mortgages are used very often, but sometimes, people can have problems with the pay-off. To make a conclus

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