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Technology - ISP on the Czech Market

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ISP on the Czech Market The Internet as a source of information and environment for communication, education and business is penetrating into all spheres of life of Czech people and firms. While some years ago, we could come across with it only in rich firms focused on technology, today it is installed nearly at each work place and in many households. Number of people, who use the Internet, grows as quickly as the number of English speaking people in recent years. Although we consider Internet as a very well known media, we can often come across with one basic problem. How to choose the correct Internet Service Provider {ISP}? Because it is not easy to find an unambiguous answer to this question and more over the answer will always depend on particular demands of applicants for connection and utilization of Internet services, our editorial board T&P prepared a brief summary of offers of some important Czech ISPs. Purpose of this summary is to help potential Internet users to orient themselves on the Czech Internet market and to select a “to-size” provider. Nextra–a Telenor Company On the Czech market since: 1998.Nextra Czech Republic, ltd, offers complex communication solutions, i. e. not only connectivity but also other services based on IP {voice and data transmission, installation and operation of electronic commerce, etc.}. It focuses namely on providing of services and solution for corporal clients. Security:The department of customer solutions has much experience in implementation of security measures for costumers’ networks. The firm co-operates with most manufactures to be able to offer “to – size” solutions to its customers.Main advantages of the offer:Complex solution, which guarantees high quality and reliability. InWay-Internet Provider On the Czech market since: 1997Company InWay offers complex solutions, follows up and develops new technologies, focuses on wireless connection to Internet, but offers also connections with permanent and switched lines, VPN, videoconferences, live transmissions over Internet and processing and graphic design of www sites, location of URL into locators, registration of domains, etc. Newly, it also provides services of data backup over the Internet, advertising system, Internet telephony and electronic commerce.Main advantages of offer: City.Way is an alternative to permanent line for much lower prices. World Online-Freedom of movement On the Czech market since: 1996(CZCOM s.r.o.) Customer support: Hotline is available for home and firm clients, technical support on own sites; home clients have a possibility to register to service FREE Internet.Main advantages of offer: Excellent price/performance ratio, World Online services are designed and implemented based on experience from other 14 European countries where World Online International is active. Powerful data centre in the Czech republic, excellent connectivity – home: 100 Mbit/s, abroad: 45 Mbit/s to network World Online/NACAMAR, 4 Mbit to EBONE. Internet Online On the Czech market since: 1997. INTERNET OnLine provides services of Internet connection via telephone network, permanent lines and recently it also deals with implementation of modern wireless technologies. It offers its services in the whole Czech Republic on uniformed nation-wide telephone number. INTERNET OnLine also offers a wide range of other services such as web hosting and housing, possibility of connection to the Internet in abroad within international roaming, registration of second- and third-order domains, etc. It also offers complex solutions for Internet commerce or IP VPN type services. This year, Internet OnLine focused on support of quality content on Internet not only through its own sites for children (www.majaky.cz) and youngsters (www.gamezone.cz), but also in co-operation with many project that are directed to the fields of culture and education. Customer support:24 hours daily helpdesk, free telephone line, possibility to connect from the web site to the Call Centre and chat online with the operator, user can ask for support from web sites in the form of Call back in determined time, join shared pages and fill in application forms.Main advantages of offer: Complex solutions, round-the-clock helpdesk 7 days a week, nation-wide uniformed number for users, 100% peering in the whole Czech Republic, high guarantee of connection. Contactel On the Czech market since: 1999Customer support.Customer Care Department is available 24 hours a day 7 days in a week.Contactel was founded in 1999 as a public company of České radiokomunikace and Tele Denmark. The aim of the company is to be a high quality, popular telecommunication provider. Contactel successively launched data and Internet services. Currently, Contactel provides services and products intended for private customers and company clients. Contactel presents professional solutions in the area of Internet, voice and data services. Main advantages of the services: Free Internet access (RazDva), high connection capacity and international connectivity, permanent connection monitoring, security.

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