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AJ olympiáda

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Vypracované otázky na anglickou olympiádu
My favourite means of transport My favourite means of transport is a car because it's fast and comfortable. The bad thing is that you can drive it until you are eighteen. The car is very similar to bus, but I think it isn't so ideal and sometimes it's even hard to find a free seat. Advantages and disadvantages of living in the city Most of people are living in the city. There are more services and opportunities about the job. It's easy to transport someone to somewhere as well. The disadvantage of living in the city is environment. There are smokes, smog, pollution and it's a bigger chance to be robbed. A city is very noisy, too. So if you want to be in a quiet place, don't choose the city, but the village. My school I'm glad to be in this school. The education here is quiet good. Well, I'm here for learning foreign languages (English and German) and I think I'm good at it. My problem is, I don't like anything with Maths... It's bad for me because I'm on business academy. I'm trying to participate in competitions as much as I can. The events here are amazing and the place here is very nice. I like my school. How to live healthily How to live like that? For someone it is easy, for someone it is difficult. We shouldn't eat much of sugar or fat. Well, if our bodies are getting thicker, we'll have to go on a diet or work out. If you can't do anything of this, you should need some coach. He or she will force you to go to gym and work out. After several months you will see the change and you will be satisfied with it. About going on a diet? Don't eat too much things, which have a sugar such as an apple. Take a carrot. You should eat more vegetables than fruit. You must eat lesser and for dinner almost nothing. Because the digestion is coming at the evening. Protecting flora and fauna Tropical forests and animals are in danger. Why? The environment is disappearing and for people it's disappointing. Soon we won't be able to breathe the oxygen. And if the forests are disappearing, the animals will disappear as well. It's sad and big problem in all the world. There is one side, which supports future vision of Earth and then we're going to use synthetic possibilities. The second side is supporting the rescue of green world and everything, what lives. What will happen? Nobody knows. Importance of learning foreign languages "I speak English, so I don't have to learn another." The worst answer about the learning foreign languages. You can't say that. Almost all the world has got a English subject as secondary or even primary language. What else? If you're going to travel somewhere and the stranger won't understand English. There is a advantage to know another language! I'm fond of learning foreign languages. So I'm supporting this thing. I'm learning English and German at the school. Sometime in my freetime I'm writing in Polish or in Japanese. Fashion and clothing Fashion is one big business all around the world. The style of clothes testify about you. There are many styles, which you can choose. I'm the person, who doesn't care about fashion too much like other people. If I like it, I'll take it. I think the girls are interested into fashion more than boys. Eventually, I can see it in my class, how it goes. My plans for the future I don't have too much plans for the future. I'd like to move out and live abroad. Unfortunately, the translating won't feed me too much, so I would like to work somewhere as animator or graphic designer, because I like these things. I would like to learn Japanese and travel in Japan and everywhere else on east of Asia. Because I love Asia. I would like to marry with some beautiful girl and have a family.

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