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celebrations and holidays

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is the day after Easter Sunday. It's a public holiday on this day in many countries, including the Czech Rep. and England, but not in Scotland or the USA. Those were the official celebrations and holidays. Do you know any unofficial, but still very popular Those were the official celebrations and holidays. Do you know any unofficial, but still very popular special days and celebrations? special days and celebrations? is a day before New Year's Day and it's the last day of the year. Even though it's not a public holiday, in the evening people usually start celebrating the end of the year with food, drinks and meeting with friends. is celebrated on the 26th of December, sometimes simply called the Day After Christmas Day (USA) or Boxing Day (Great Britain, Canada). It's a holiday in the Czech Republic and many European countries, but only in a few states in the USA. is a Christian holiday but not a public holiday in most countries, so some people have to work instead... is the day after the Christmas Eve - the 25th of December. It's a holiday in the Czech Republic as well as in Great Britain and the USA. is celebrated every year on the 24th of December and it's a public holiday in the Czech Rep. unlike Great Britain and the USA, where most people have to go to work. What holidays do we celebrate in Czech republic? Are there any What holidays do we celebrate in Czech republic? Are there any different celebrations in USA or Great Britain? different celebrations in USA or Great Britain What is it What is it called? called These These celebrations celebrations are the are the same in all same in all 3 countries. 3 countries During Easter, people may attend special church services that celebrate Jesus' resurrection. Celebrations & holidays What does it What does it relates to? relates to New Year's New Year's Day Da Where and when is it Where and when is it celebrated? celebrated Easter Easte Christmas Christma is celebrated every year on the 1st of January by people all around the world, except those people who have a different calendar, like Jews, Arabs and some others. On this date, Czechs also celebrate the creation of the independent Czech republic in 1993. How is it celebrated? How is it celebrated Easter is a celebration that doesn't have a fixed date. Easter Sunday Easter Sunda Here are Here are some some other other days, days, celebrated celebrate only in the only in the Czech Czec Republic... Republic.. Across the entire world, New Year's Day's celebrations are followed by huge fireworks and parties. Easter Monday Easter Monda New Year's Eve New Year's Ev New Year's Day New Year's Da Many people decorate eggs called Easter Eggs. They can be real and hard-boiled, plastic or chocolate and are used as a treat for children. In the Czech Republic, young boys go door to door on Easter Monday and whip girls with pussywillow to bring health and youth to them. In the USA and Great Britain, there are also some popular customs like egg-hunting, egg rolling races (in the United States) or Easter parades (public processions). One of the main Easter symbols around the world is the Easter Bunny. Christmas Eve Christmas Ev Christmas Day Christmas Da Christmas is a celebration that is related to the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus was born on the 25th of December. The most popular customs are for example decorating a Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols, giving presents to our relatives and close friends or preparing a Christmas dinner. In the Czech Republic, the most popular Christmas dishes are fried carp, fish soup, potato salad and various types of traditinoal Christmas sweets. St. Stephen's Day St. Stephen's Da In the Czech Republic, we place Christmas presents under the Christmas tree and unwrap them after Christmas dinner. Children believe that the presents are brought to them by Baby Jesus. American and British traditions are very different. Instead of Baby Jesus as in the Czech tradition, presents are believed to be brought by Santa Claus or Father Christmas, who enters the house via the chimney. Children hang up Christmas stockings or socks on the fireplace or on their bed and hope that they will be filled with presents in the morning. Most people start celebrating Christmas on the evening of Christmas Eve (24th December). St. Wenceslas Day (Czech Statehood Day) Independent Czechoslovak State Day It is celebrated on the 28th of September and it's one of the most important Czech celebrations, even though it refers to a more than 1000 year-old event. St. Wenceslas Day refers to the symbolic patron of the Czech State, St. Wenceslas, a Duke of Bohemia, who was murdered by his brother in 935. Independent Czechoslovak State Day is celebrated every year on the 28th of October. It relates to the year 1918, when a new Czechoslovak State was formed af ter the end of the First World War. One of the Czech political leaders, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, then became the first Czechoslovak president. Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day This is celebrated on one of the most commemorative dates in Czech history - the 17th of November. On the 17th of November, we commemorate two famous events in Czech history - a student demonstration against Nazi occupation in 1939 and the demonstration against the communist regime in 1989. The second one is still very relevant, because it started the Velvet Revolution and helped to create a independent democratic state. ...and ...an some of some o those those celebrated celebrate in the in the USA. For USA. For example... example.. Memorial Day It's held every year on the last Monday in May, so it's not fixed to a particular date. Memorial Day was originally celebrated to commemorate soldiers who died in the American Civil War. In the 20th century, this celebration was extended to honor all Americans who died in any war or conflict. Independence Day On this day, people celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence by Am

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