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Esej - My favourite Vacation

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My favourite Vacation - The Vacation in Santorini Santorini is the most beautiful island I´ve ever seen. This island belongs to Greek islands and it´s located in the south of the Aegean Sea. It was created by the Caldera volcano, which is now extinct. So that´s the reason why mostly black sand is there. I spent 10 days there and I remember the moment when I had to leave this place. I was very sad about that, because I had really great time there. The sea was refreshing, waves werea dance of dolphins and it hadcolour of thousands salty turquoises. The sand hadsmoothness of snake´s skin and it waswarm like lava stones. But when a big wave came, the sand wasas bracing as very dark and thick ice-coffee. There were also rocks, which weresmooth like some slippery stairs. There were lots of crevices, where lots of crabs lived. I loved sunbathing at these rocks or diving around them and watching fishes, which were swimming around melike elegant ballerinas. I also loved watching crabs or founding mussels and shells. I was there with my family. We were staying in village Perissa in a small apartment with one bedroom and one tiny kitchen. But we had very nice terrace with a beautiful view over the sea. I was enjoying having breakfasts there. Food was really great there. I tasted prawns for example. It was served with roasted potatoes and for me it was absolutely delicious. Then I tasted Greek speciality – souvlaki. It´s mincemeat with roasted potatoes and a special Greek sauce – tzatziki, which is made from a kind of cottage cheese, lemon and other ingredients. Other traditional Greek meal which I tasted is moussaka. It´s roasted meal, which contains lasagne with mincemeat, aubergine, tomatoes, onion, garlic and Béchamel sauce. But the food I most often ate there was Greek salad. It´s made of pieces of cucumber, pepper, tomato, onion, olive and Greek cheese. We ate it mostly for dinners or lunches with rolls or baguettes. And after dinner we sometimes tried typical Greek desserts, for example baklava. This is a dessert made of puff paste with lots of honey instead of sugar. It´s very sweet, but delicious. People there were very relaxed and lazy, but friendly and helpful. Sometimes we were waiting at a bus stop about twenty minutes longer, than we should have, but when the bus arrived, the driver was smiling and we were looking forward to the trip, so we weren´t so upset about the waiting. We visited a lot of amazing places at that island. At first we were in the “capital” village of the island – Fira. There were lots of blue and white hotels with swimming pools and a lot of shops with various kinds of souvenirs. And everything was blue and white there, even benches in restaurants. Another day we visited the most famous and gorgeous village in this island – Oia. In the summer there are thousands of tourists, especially in the evenings – because of impossibly beautiful sunsets. There are as many stands with interesting things as in Fira, but there is more beautiful promenade with more impossible views over the sea. We spend really great time there. Next interesting placewhere we were was lighthouse Stavros, which is located near The Red beach - beach with red sand and red rocks. Water was a little bit dirty there, dirty for swimming, but the walk around the red rock was very pleasant. Near this Red beach is even The White beach, with white sand and white rocks which are probably made from a kind of limestone. On the same day we also visited village Imerovigli, which is popular becaus e of the Scaros castle. This is not a real castle, these days it´s only a ruin, but it´s totaly magical and romantic place. When we were there, we saw three newly married couples – brides dressed in beautiful white robes and happy bridegrooms, walking through those ruins of the castle. And we saw the sunset there, up at the castle, with the view over the red rocks, illuminated villages and infinite sea. That was really amazing. I have chosen this topic because from this island I brought beautiful memories, I spent really great time there, I saw many interesting places and I like writing about this vacation. Dominika Hasalová, 3.D

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