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Natural, Environment

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The Natural World & The Environment is most common in Africa and it's a home to many famous African animals like lions, antelopes, zebras and giraffes. is one of the most exceptional natural wonders in the Czech R epublic. It shows how the forests of Central Europe thousands of years ago looked. The whole area is protected as a nature reserve. It's the largest indigenous forest in Central Europe and visitors can ex plore 400-years-old trees there. ...are a species which are able to survive either under or above water. Thanks to their evolution, they have developed a special breathing mechanism for this purpose. The most common members of this large group are frogs and salamanders. Factories and other industrial zones create a big danger to rivers and other water resources. Most of them are situated next to rivers or lakes in order to have efficient water supply. For that reason many rivers and lakes in developing and highly industrial countries are extremely polluted by toxic materials and substances. In a simplified way, the natural world consists of flora and fauna. In most countries, the natural world is preventing urban development. In the Czech Republic, the most urbanized areas are big cities, especially Prague with more than 1,3 million residents. The urbanized area of Prague is constantly expanding to the surrounding villages, which makes the naturally uninhabited areas smaller and smaller. The biggest threats to the environment are... The most polluted areas in the world... Urban development Factories Mines Cars Global warming Precisely stated, the natural world comprises of everything that was created naturally - not by humans. Flora means all plants growing on planet Earth - from the tallest trees to the smallest kinds of herbs. Flora Fauna Fauna is a term that comprises of all animals on planet Earth - the smallest bacteria and insects as well as the largest animal species like elephants and whales. Aside from watery areas like rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, there are also many types of land. Let's move to a higher level. The w orld's most interesting natural w onders are... which is part of a nature reserve which lies on the Colorado river and was originally inhabited by native Americans. It shows the nearly 2 billion years of Earth's geological activity. Thanks to its great importance for scientists along with its beautiful scenery and views, it's one of the major US natural heritage sights. ...is the largest cave system in Bohemia. It was discovered that it was inhabited by humans during the Stone Age. Koněprusy Caves The Grand Canyon Yellowstone National Park The Sahara Desert Yellowstone National Park is in the USA like the Grand Canyon. It's best known for its geothermal features like geysers and hot springs. The world's tallest geyser, the Steamboat Geyser, which can erupt hot water up to 120 metres high, is also part of this nature reserve. It's also an important archaeological site, because native Americans have lived there for many centuries. ...is probably the greatest of all of the natural wonders. It's the largest desert in the world, located in North Africa. Its size is comparable to the size of China or the USA. It is also one of the hottest places on Earth with temperatures occasionally exceeding 70 degrees °C. Mount Everest On planet Earth, there are many different kinds of plants. We can explore thousands of different animal species on our planet. It always depends on local conditions like temperatures, weather and soil type. Generally, it all depends on the local climate zone. In each climate zone there are different conditions, so different plants and crops are grown. ...is the deepest sinkhole in the Czech Republic. It's almost 140 metres deep and visited by many tourists each year. It's also an exceptional site for experienced cavers and climbers. Macocha Gorge ...is the highest mountain in the Czech Republic, part of Krkonoše Mountains. It is frequently visited and climbed by thousands of tourists. It lies just on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. It is giving us plenty of natural resources. We use them for various purposes like as an energy, food and water supply. We also mine metals later used by different industries. Sněžka Mountain The whole mountain range, called Himalayas, is located in Central Asia and is a great natural wonder itself, but Mount Everest, Earth's highest mountain with a height of almost 9 kilometres, is even more spectacular and majestic. It's located on the Nepal-China border. Boubín Forest The Amazon Rainforest and Amazon River Mines provide a supply of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas and metals like gold, silver, iron and copper. It's publicly known that especially surface mines can permanently destroy the local environment. The Dead Sea ...is a world wide known attraction especially for tourists in Israel. It's a great and very deep lake filled with salty water, which makes it similar to a sea. The water there is so salty that swimmers simply float at water level. These two natural wonders are located in South America and lie on the territories of several countries like Brazil, Columbia and Peru. A tropical climate Dry climates A temperate climate Polar or alpine climates There are animal species that live on the surface, there are water animals and the third major group are amphibians - animals which can survive in both environments. A huge Amazon Rainforest covers an area almost twice as big as India. As the largest rainforest in the world, its existence is extremely important for the local environment. It's home to thousands of animal species as well as for different kinds of plants. Unfortunately, the Amazon Rainforest is currently being destroyed by the felling of trees and by many other human activities, including gold mining. The Amazon River is more than 6 000-metres-long and flows through the Amazon Rainforest. It's considered to be the longest river in the world. ...is a climate most com

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