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Sport, games

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W e can divide sports into many different groups. The most popular sporting destinations in the world are for example... Sports & Games Czech sportspeople are successful in many different sports and they take part in the world's most prestigious sporting events and competitions, as teams and as individuals. According to the seasons of the year, we can divide sports into... There are many successful Czech sportspeople - both as teams and as individuals Summer sports W inter sports ...is the most prestigious and most popular sporting event. In the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and the USA, the same sports have different recognition through the population and there are different sports at the top of their popularity. Outdoor recreation Football is by far the most popular sport in the Great Britain. British people also watch sports which have a long tradition like cricket, rugby, horse racing, tennis and golf. According to the type of place where the event is held, we can divide sports into... & Indoor games Sport is in fact any physical activity, usually competitive. Two teams or two individuals compete (following the rules) in order to win the game. It requires different types of skills and abilities, but it's not always about physical abilities - many sports require a strong mind, intellect or natural talent. W hat is it? The popularity can be measured by number of spectators, who attend the sporting event live, or by the number who watch it on TV. & Team sports Individual sports & We can also differentiate sports by the size of participating teams. There are... Ball games includes w ater sports Racquet sports & This difference between the popularity of the same sports in different countries could be also caused by the tradition, environment and natural conditions as well. For example - the Czech Republic has no sea shore or coast, which might be a reason for the low popularity of water sports in our country. There are two very popular sports in the Czech Republic - ice-hockey and football. Tennis, thanks to the many international achievements of Czech players in the last few years, has also gained a lot of popularity here. We usually play summer sports outside in high temperatures. Winter sports are customized to be played in the winter months and players are exposed to very low temperatures. Those sports are played even when it is freezing outside. American fans have quite different tastes. Unlike in Europe, basketball, baseball and American football are always attended by lots of spectators and widely watched on TV as well. Also ice-hockey and golf are popular across all American states. For playing indoor games, we usually use gyms and other buildings. Typical indoor games are basketball, volleyball, squash and ice-hockey, but there are many other sporting activities (not exactly sports), that are mostly held inside, such as working out, aerobics and yoga. Although swimming is the best known water sport, swimming competitions are mostly held in an indoor swimming pools. Unlike indoor games, people do outdoor activities outside in different environments - for example in the streets, in the mountains, in the air or on the water. A lot of people do popular outdoor activities like hitchhiking or camping. Each team has a number of players and it depends on the type of sport and its rules how big the team actually is. Each team must have at least one coach and a captain - usually the most experienced player. The most popular summer sports are associated with the Summer Olympic Games, one of the biggest international sporting events. The symbol of all winter sports is the Winter Olympic Games, a major sporting event that occurs every 4 years. The most popular summer sport is football, a team sport which is played in all countries around the world by more than 250 million players. Other typical summer sports are swindsurfing, beach volleyball, tennis and golf. Skiing with all its variations is probably the most common winter sport. To enjoy skiing, we need a mountain resort with downhill slopes, a lot of snow and a cableway, which can transport us from the bottom to the top of the mountain again and again. A ball is used in many different sports and games. The ball itself has various forms and shapes - a small one is used in tennis and golf, the big one in football, basketball and volleyball. A special type is a diamond shaped ball, which is used in American football and rugby. Individual sports are played by a single person. Players in these sports compete for themselves (not for the team), but professionals usually have large teams of people who don't take part in the game, but who prepare the sportsman off of the pitch. These teams usually contain a coach, physiotherapist, psychologist, manager and many other roles. Football, the most popular team sport on Earth, is played by 22 players - 11 on each side. Tennis, golf and horse racing are typical examples of individual sports. Other popular winter sports include ice-hockey, cross-country skiing, biathlon, speed skating and ski jumping. Olympic Games The Gold Coast in Eastern Australia is the most popular destination amongst the surfing community. Beautiful sandy beaches combined with huge waves and nice weather creates a very special site not just for surfing, but for plenty of other water sports. Almost all racquet sports have one basic element - the field is made of two halves with a net in the middle. The player who successfully places the ball on the ground on the opponent's half without having it returned scores a point. The racquet is a piece of sporting equipment used to strike or hit the ball or a different object. There is also a special category of sports, practiced mostly by extremely courageous individuals. They are called... During the year, we can personally attend or watch on TV many special sporting events, such as... Although the modern version of football was born in England, the most emotive and passionate football

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