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17. My town and region

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17. My town and region The Moravian-Silesian Region is an administrative unit of the Czech Republic. It is located in the north-east of the Czech Republic. The region borders with the Olomouc Region to the west, Zlín Region to the south and with two countries – Poland to the north and Slovakia to the east. The city of Ostrava is the 3rd biggest city in the Czech Republic. Other important cities are Opava, Český Těšín, Karviná and Havířov. Population of the region is about 1,2 million inhabitants. I think that it is a very nice region for living, because people are nice there but everyone is in rush. To the south-east, towards the Slovakian border, there are the Moravian-Silesian Beskids (the Beskydy mountains), with its highest mountain Lysá Hora (Bald Mountain). It has 1.323 meters’ altitude. Major rivers are the Odra, the Opava and the Olše river. Nowadays Ostrava is known for its commerce, culture or sport. You can visit the largest Mining Museum in Landek. In the closed Anselm mine you cand see the collection of mining equipment and see working conditions of the miners. If you want, you can go down the mine too. The centre of the medieval town was placed around today’s Masaryk square. There is a baroque plague column in the square. Ostrava has a New Town Hall. Visitors can climb up the tower and get a view of the entire city if the weather is good. The tower is almost 90 meters high. The Vítkovice Lower Area is a specific landmark of the city with the special industrial architecture. Visitors can go to the Science and Technology Centre which offer many interactive exhibitions. Colours of Ostrava is the biggest music festival in the Czech Republic and begins every summer. It is 4 days long and thousands of visitors, not only from the CZ, arrive to listen to the best musicians from all over the world. If you like night life, the Stodolní Street is the best place for you. It is famous place with almost 70 clubs and bars. You can eat, drink and amuse yourself there. If you prefer sports, Ostrava offers many sport facilities. You can go to fitness-centres, swimming pools, ice-skating rinks etc. Poruba has the biggest open air swimming pool in central Europe, where 20 thousand people can go. It is also possible to watch an ice-hockey match or a concert in ČEZ Arena. Those who like animals can go to the ZOO. There is one of the largest in the CR. There are many endangered species of animals to see – f. e. the red panda, tigers, lions, zebras, giraffes, etc. Ostrava also has many parks. The largest one is the Komenský park, where you can go roller-skating, cycling, or walk a dog. Apart from cars, you can use many means of transports in Ostrava. All places are connected by a network of busses, trams, or trolleybuses. Ostrava has an airport, called Leoš Janáček Airport, and railway stations too.

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