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Food Food is big topic nowadays. A lot of people wants to live healthy life, eat healthy and lose weight, so they know everything about good eating habits, but they usually don’t observe this. And where is the problem? The biggest problem is that unhealthy food, like chocolate, ice cream, sweets and pizza, usually taste more than veggies, fruit and dry rice. The second problem is our fast life. We have no time to prepare our food at home, so we buy fast food, or we eat nothing all day and at the evening we eat everything what is near to us. I think the optimal dieting is eat 5 times or 3 times a day. The good thing is for example prepare it at evening, because we know we are in rush in the morning. Really important thing is drinking, the best drink is water, it keeps you fresh. Juices are good sometimes, but they are not too healthy like they look like. We think that when we have high quality juice, we live heathy, but it is not true because for example half a litter of this juice is made of 1 kilo of fruit and are you able to eat 1 kilo of fruit at one time? Moreover, there is no fibre in juice, only sugars and some vitamins. The most important meal of the day is breakfast. I think the best choice is porridge with fruit, glass of water and tea. It is full of fibre, energy and you feel full long time. When people do not like porridge, they can eat for example eggs, because they include a lot of vitamins and proteins. Proteins are necessary for our healthy diet. You can eat some snack between breakfast and lunch, but it is not too important, it depends on individuality. Optimal snack is for example peace of fruit or some bread with vegies. Lunch is the main food of the day in Czech Republic. Optimal lunch for dieting is peace of some meat or fish, dish and vegetables, it is really varied. There can be snack between lunch and dinner too, it depends again. I think dinner should be lighter, it can be some salad with meat or something like that. Visiting restaurants is usual in west countries, but Czech people are pretty skinflints, so we visit fast foods, or we stay at home rather. We have really specific traditional food in Czech Republic. Our traditional meals are usually fatty and consist a lot of lard. We love our roast pork, sauerkraut and dumplings, goulash with dumplings and roast sirloin of beef in cream vegetable sauce again with dumplings. We love meat loaf, wiener schnitzel, bread dumplings with bacon or dumplings filled with plums too. Typical Czech soup is tripe soup. We can’ t forgot Czech favourite sweet food like doughnuts, apple strudel, marble cake, Carlsbad Waffles or Pardubice gingerbread. Czech favourite drinks are for example Carlsbad Becher Liqueur or Moravian Slivovitz. Typical English dishes are for example The Sunday roast (large piece of meat – beef, lamb, pork, chicken – family went to the church, came, it was roasted, and they served it with roasted potatoes, vegetables and gravy – hot brown sauce made from the meat juices Fish and chips – fish – covered in batter (a mixture of milk, flour) and deep fried; popular for workers in 1800s, but now too The sandwich – invented by Earl of Sandwich in 1700s; meat or cheese or veggies between two slices of bread Curry – Anglo-Indian dish; roasted bits of chicken in creamy spicy sauce The great British breakfast – very fat; fried egg, bacon, sausage, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and toast. Beef, pork, veal, lamb, mutton, poultry Roast, dough, fry, boil, simmer, steam, grill, stew, smoke Peel, slice, cut, chop, dice, grate, beat, knead, grease, sift, drain, stir, pour, squeeze, mince, stuff Kitchen unit, cupboards, plates, cups, pots, sink, drawers, cutlery, litterbin, dishwasher, cooker, microwave, fridge, pantry, tablecloth, tablespoon, knife, fork, mat, napkin, ladle, mug, jug, teapot, tea cosy, saucer

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