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Manuál jak vydělat peníze prostřednictvím YouTube

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Maturitní práce na téma: Manuál jak vydělat peníze prostřednictvím YouTube
Obchodní akademie Neveklov GRADUATION WORK Ondřej Konečný, 4. A2018 Obchodní akademie Neveklov Školní 303, Neveklov 257 56 MANUAL: HOW TO MAKE MONEY VIA YOUTUBE Author: Ondřej Konečný Tutor: Mgr. Jan Hendrych School year 2017/2018 I declare I worked out this graduation work on my own. I used the information sources which are stated in the list. Neveklov,19th March 2018 ------------------------------ I would like to thank Mgr. JanHendrych for valuable advices, factual comments during the consultations andNejFake for allowing me to interview him. Content Introduction6 1Characteristic of YouTube7 1.1Company Structure8 1.2Features and Affiliated Services9 1.3Positive Motivation10 1.4Negative Motivation13 2Google AdSense14 3Characteristic of YouTuber15 3.1Popular Czech / Slovak and Foreign YouTubers -Comparison16 4Decision-making – Type of YouTuber19 5Time Performance21 6Acquisition Costs24 7SignUp27 8Video29 9Promotion31 9.1Components affecting the Total Revenue32 10Enabling Monetisation33 11Revenue Analytics35 12Process of Money Withdrawal37 13Channel Tips38 14Inspiration versus Copyright Strikes40 15Interview with NejFake (Video Blogger)43 Conclusion47 Sources48 Listof Attachments50 Introduction This work was written for a purpose to learn about the possibility of receiving a profit through the well-known server YouTube. It is supposed a reader has general assumptions of the Internet, the YouTube service, virtual society, interconnection between social sites and the opportunity to make money on the Internet. This option of making money is beneficial further for the film industry because they can become directors, writers or scriptwriters, film editors, actors or other positions in the film industry. The majority of creators on YouTube can speak foreign languages and negotiate with various companies. In contrast, it is slightly dangerous and risky due to the possible addiction, prosecution, cyberbullying, verbal abuse and human rights violation. It exists two sides of YouTube – the good side (explanations, manuals, tutorials, travelling experiences etc.) and on the other hand the bad side. The theoretical element, which starts from the beginning, has several chapters about Google and YouTube as companies where author focuses on the economic aspects – the company management, the huge offer for the marketplace, the wide range of possible contribution and the remuneration of employees (those who signed up on the server – such as sole traders, not those people who officially work in the headquarters or other affiliations). The practical element begins from the fourth chapter to the end and is more focused on the management of users and entertainers who want to obtain the profit, the marketing itself and the advices for online performing. Anyway, there are drawn up a lot of concepts and auxiliary means into that manual which help other people to obtain the profit. The last chapter contains the conclusion. The conclusion includes the keynotes of the graduation work and the summary what the reader learnt (new) about. Characteristic of YouTube YouTube is a popular video hosting service. A viewer is able to search for and watch videos and that is all what viewer can actually do. The rest of the services is only accessed after the creating an account. Regarding to the creating the account, a person, who agrees with the Google Terms, must be above 13 years of the age. The user can like/comment/share other YouTube videos, in addition to that, they can support the uploader by the subscribing the channel, and upload own videos or make a playlist of owned/not owned videos. YouTube was registered by three former PayPal employees on the 15th of February 2005. At the beginning, the development of the known domain was situated in the garage of one of that employee, afterwards, the first public experiment of the site was broadcasted in May 2005 (Miller, 2011). This online video sharing service went officially live in December that year. In those days, among the biggest competition was a short film website Atom Films. After several months, they obtained 3.5 million American dollars of the venture capital. Moreover, YouTube gained the momentum thanks to the Google’s bid which ended up on 1.65 billion American dollars in October 2006 and Google became the parent company of YouTube (Sahlin & Botello, 2007). Image 1: Logo Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YouTube#/media/File:YouTube_Logo_2017.svg The logo of YouTube is clear - the red button with the triangle represents to play a record. Originally, YouTube also had below the logo a slogan which reads “Broadcast Yourself”, but it was viewed only from 2005 to 2012. Nowadays, YouTube assembled categories where a user can select an associated content. During the uploading a video, a person can choose basic categories – see the attachment. (YouTube Creators Academy, 2018). Company Structure The company YouTube, LLC is the subsidiary whose parent is the company Google, Inc. which comes under the American conglomerate1 Google, Inc. Currently, the CEO of YouTube is Susan Wojcicki. Image 2: Company structure Source: http://static3.businessinsider.com/image/569536e6e6183e1c008b8b81-1200-1396/bi_graphics_alphabet-google-org-structure_05.png Features and Affiliated Services Undoubtedly, YouTube supports file formats such as .mov, .mp4, .avi and so on, provides to upload videos and to set the quality format. A couple of years ago, YouTube carried out a possibility of live-streaming both for YouTube itself and later for YouTubers (Sahlin & Botello, 2007). Furthermore that time, it was added the option of 3D videos as well. Google announced 360° videos, where a person can try virtual reality, which would become reality in January 2015 (Bonnington, 2015). In 2016, YouTube has initiated a beta test of YouTube Community where YouTubers may make discussions with their viewers (Wojcicki, 2016). It is a strategy how to get closer to their fans. One of the most important services

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