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OUR TOWN AND REGION Frýdek-Místek is a city situated in Moravian-Silesian region near Beskydy mountains. Frydek-Mistek is a twin town which comprises of two original cities - Moravian Mistek (from 13th century) and Silesian Frydek (first mentioned in writing in the 14th century). Both towns were united in 1943 and today's name Frydek-Mistek has been used since 1955. During the German occupation of Czechoslovakia, in 1939 soldiers in Czajanek’s barracks put up resistance against the Nazis. This heroic act is also why I am proud of my hometown. During the second half of the 20th century there was a big population increase, because of nearly situated mines. Nowadays there live almost 60 000 inhabitants. Last must see in Frýdek is my favorite one. Frydek forest, beautiful piece of nature, is home of ruined Frýdek barracks. Around the church of St. Jacob we can find statues of saints (František, Josef Pěstoun with baby Jesus). How can you get around the city? Well i tis not big, so I personally walk everywhere. But you can also use our city public transport. Our public transport consists of 19 bus lines. Also, if you are travelling longer distances you can go by train. In our city you can find many kindergartens, primary schools, school of art, secondary schools (including our grammar school), language schools. So, let’s say the education here is on quite good level. The city has a good sporting background for both active sportsmen and for those who like to do sports only for recreation. It's possible to go in for yachting, surfing and fishing at the nearby artificial lake Olesna. In winter if there is snow you can go cross-country skiing around the lake. Great temptation in this complex is a relaxation indoor and outdoor aquapark with the charming overview of the Beskydy panorama. In our city you can also find tennis courts, cycle track and multi-purpose sport hall Polárka. In Polárka it is possible to go ice skating, play badminton or table tennis. Also, ice hockey is played there. In-line skates can be used at the stadium of TJ Slezan or along the Ostravice river. There is also a training wall for climbers. Ice-hockey, extra league of men's handball and women's volleyball extra league are played in Frydek-Mistek. In the nearby Palkovice you can practise skiing on a ski slope in winter. You will find peace and quiet in many city parks, you can relax on the 3.5 km long natural educational trail in the Frydek forest. There are several mountainous areas. In the west lie the Hrubý Jeseník mountains, with the highest mountain of the region (and Moravia), Praděd, rising 1,491 meters. The mountains are heavily forested, with many spectacular places and famous spas such as Karlova Studánka and Jeseník. There are also several ski resorts, including Červenohorské Sedlo and Ovčárna, with long-lasting snow cover. The Hrubý Jeseník mountains slowly merge into the rolling hills of the Nízký Jeseníks and Oderské Vrchy, rising to 800 m at Slunečná and 680 m at Fidlův Kopec respectively. To the south-east, towards the Slovakian border, the landscape sharply rises into the Moravian-Silesian Beskids, with its highest mountain Lysá Hora at 1,323 m (4,341 ft), which is the place with the highest annual rainfall in the Czech Republic, 1,500 mm (100 in) a year. The mountains are heavily forested too and serve as a holiday resort for the industrial north. There are three large Landscape Protected Areas – CHKO JESENÍKY, CHKO BESKYDY, CHKO POODŘÍ. Besides the beauties of nature, there are also rich mineral resources in the Region – black coal deposits, also natural gas reserves, a rich deposit of calcite, granite, marble, slate, gypsum, gravel sand, sand and brick-clays. The most important river is the Odra River that springs in the Odra Hills. And what to do in our region? The Region has many theatres, museums, galleries and cinemas. In Ostrava there is the Janáček Philharmonic (Janáčkova filharmonie). Lovers of literature can visit over 400 libraries. Towns offer interesting multipurpose halls and hundreds of playgrounds, gymnasiums, open-air pools and swimming pools. Besides cultural and sports activities in towns, the diverse and eye-pleasing scenery of northern Moravia and Silesia offers also many possibilities for recreation, tourism, sightseeing and therapeutic programs. In summer period, the Region offers thanks to its network of cycle and tourism paths good conditions for hiking and cycling. In winter, mountain ranges of the Hrubý Jeseník and Beskydy are centers of cross -country and downhill skiing. Beautiful chateaux (mansions) are in Hradec nad Moravicí, Raduň, Kravaře near the town of Opava and at Fulnek. Most important castles are Sovinec near Rýmařov, Starý Jičín and Hukvaldy near Beskydy. What is specific to the Region is a rich background for industrial tourism (e.g. the Automobile Technical Museum in Kopřivnice, the Railway Coach Museum in Studénka, the Museum of Mining in Ostrava-Petřkovice, the area of Dolní Vítkovice ironworks, the Michal Mine etc.). Water sports fans like to go down the Moravice River and the Odra River; those, who prefer recreation at expanses of water, can visit the Žermanice and Těrlicko dams and fewer of them also the Slezská Harta. The balneological industry is based on the curative effect of iodine-bromine water springs in Spa Darkov with the Institute of Physiotherapy located there too. Since the 1990 ́s there has been a new spa sanatorium in Klimkovice.

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