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A piece of news-ActiWait Are you bored when you're waiting to cross the road?Waiting for the light to turn green at a pedestrian crossing can feel like a lifetime.Two German students designed a multi-player game,atouch screen ping pong game that's played wirelessly with a person on the other side of the crossing.The game is called ActiWait.The developers also want to use the screens for other applications,including news feeds,navigation and traffic education for children,or even speed dating. YouTube:StreetPong2.0– the ActiWait [official] - CELEBRATIONS AROUND THE WORLD Carnival in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil The biggest parade in the world is held before Lent.The samba dancers prepare all year long:the technique,performance,costumes,decorations– everything has to be perfect and bigger than their competitors. Oktoberfest,Munich,Germany. Held since1810the festival has become an important part of Bavarian culture.Originally the commemoration of Prince Ludwig’s wedding turned into the biggest beer celebration in the world. Chinese New Year,China A very important holiday in Chinese culture.The date varies approximately between middle January to middle February.People celebrate loudly,they dance and play,use plenty of costumes and fireworks. Saint Patrick’s Day,Ireland Is celebrated to commemorate Christianity’s arrival to Ireland.Irish communities in the USA,especially Boston,Chicago and other European countries also celebrate it.Green dyed rivers define the fest. Yi Peng Lantern Festival,Thailand The celebration is meant to obtain Buddhist merit.It attracts so many people,that the sight of the floating lights in the air is hypnotizing. GAMES IN ENGLISH Today I am going to speak about games.Like board games,card games,children’s games,paper and pencil games,word games and party games.However,the games are in English and you have to guess the original Czech names of the games. Iam afraid it will take me more timethan I would expect.So sorry in advance. Let’s start with simple gamesthat you all probably know. So for example to play chess(Šachy)to play rock-paper-scissors (Kámen-nůžky-papír)to play battleship (Lodě)to spinthe bottle (Flaška) And what about this one? Checkers (Dáma) Nobody knows?Okay,I will try to explain it.It’s almost the same as chess but you play with black and white wheels. Tic-Tac-Toe or Noughts and crosses (Piškvorky) It’s a paper and pencil game.Two players will choose their symbols and play the game.The game ends when the player has three or five points in row or in diagonal. Hangman (Šibenice) It’s a board game.One person will think about something and then he will mark how many letters theword have.If you succeed,the letter will be written,if you fail,you will die. Hide and seek (Na schovávanou) You can play this game with more people.Someone counts,other hides.The point is– „it“ must find the people around and catch them. MarcoPolo/Blind man’s buff (Slepá bába) You play this game in the swimming pool.There is a person (It)who has closed eyes and shouts „Marco!“ and the other players must respond by shouting „Polo!“ It tries to find them and catch them.Blind man’s buff is almost the same but you play on the groundand not to say „Marco Polo“. Tag(Honěná) It’sachasing game.Someone chases,other runaway from them.There’s a counting-out-rhyme.The most famous is this one: Eeny,meeny,miny,moe, Catch the tiger by thetoe. If it hollers let him goEeny,meeny,miny,moe!You are it! Eeny,meeny,miny,moe, Chyť tygra za prst.Jestli bude křičet,nech ho býtEeny,meeny,miny,moe!Máš babu! Musical chairs (Škatulata hýbejte se) A gamewherechildren go around chairs.One chair is always put away.The winner is the one who sits on the last chair. Word Chain (Slovní fotbal) This game is good for improving your language.It will start by a random word and you have to continue it with the last letter of the word. Scattergories (Země,město) It’s also good for improving your language.There’s a table which you have to fill in.On the table youwillhave towrite a country,a city,a name and so on.And the winner is the one who will get the most points. Truth or dare (Vadí,nevadí/Pravda,nepravda) In the start you will say truth or dare.If you say truth,the other person will ask you for somethingthat you seriously did. Moomin Café in Tokyo If you eat in a restaurant alone,people probably stare at you.It often ends up with reading your book and finishing your meal.However,one of the restaurants in Japan has found the solution for not eating on your own.Customers are surrounded by plushanimals so you havea cuddly company around you for night's date.These toys are characters from Finland's Moomin books and are offered to customers by staff at the Moomin Café in Tokyo. - MOVIE SEQUELS Today I am going to tell you about upcoming movie sequels in2016.The first one is Kung-Fu Panda Three,it's an animated adventurous comedy and it's going to appear in January.In May,we can expect an adventurous fantasy Alice Through the Looking Glassby Tim Burton.In June and July,the children can be glad for Finding Dory and Ice Age Five,which everyone knows.In August,Project XX will come out,a comedy for teenagers where the main topics are wild parties and a booze.And in October,we can get ready for fantasy thriller called Underworld Next Generation. - Hello there, I'm going to tell youa little about afamous Englishplaywright and a bard of the16th century,William Shakespeare. He graduated atGrammar School.Heprobably wrote around thirty-nine plays,154sonnets,two long narrative poems.Hemarried Anne Hathaway and had three children with her. The man also wrote somecomedies (such as A midsummer-night's Dream,Measure for Measure),historical dramas (such as Henry VIII of England)and tragedies (Romeo and Juliet,Macbeth,etc.) - This articletells a story about two imposters who deceived Americans with the German-sounding name.Jim was a young soldier in the British Army and Horst was a thief stealing cigarettes and whiskey from a storeroom at the Brit

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