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8. Unique characteristics of anglo-american culture

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8. Unique Characteristics of Anglo-American Culture Profile: Some phenomena of British Life State: American life British exceptionalism – your country is special – way of life is special, everyone except me = believe that we have unique path, we are special = belief that a species, country, society, institution, movement, individual, or time period is "exceptional" (i.e., unusual or extraordinary) -classessystem – remanence of strong class system – reinforcing traditional beliefs -how can you tell from which class they are?Region/ area, access to education, accent/dialect –vow sound, north – poorer/working class, also in the names - Katie Hopkins – far right, she wouldn’t let her children play with someone with different name - reality tv star, seeking attention, anti Muslim, pro Trum - working class name – Ryan, Bob (now not that much – London, middle classes reclaimed), Jack (same as Bob), Mike, Bill (same as Bob), Ricky, Mark, Ashley, Victoria (?), - posh - William, Edward, Oliver, Kristofer, Maty, Mia - John, Alice, Victoria, Nikola – could be anywhere - classes are everywhere, contemporary situation – working class to work, middle class stay at home - people look more at the classes in Britain than in US – Trump couldn’t be president/minister - in sports, names, where we live, what we choose to study – working class – business, in all aspects of life -British cuisine – Shepperd’s pie, Full English breakfast, stereotype – that its bad – plain/bland/fatty/everything fried – when?Puritanism – 40 years’ war – interruption of spices, enjoyment of life became sinful – unchristian,strong protestant mentality – denial of pressure/protestant work ethic/life is about work and business – 17th century, strict morality inVictorianperiod - stereotype ofEnglishgentleman – reserved, cold, honourable (čestný), unemotional – showing emotion wrong for man,to keep a stiff upper lip– udržet se, James Bond, comes from the days of Empire, controlled - after II.WW – generation of English women cooking without spices - 1948 – multicultural country – types of Indian cuisine, meat – traditional, Sunday roasts – gravy, roasted potatoes, boiled vegetables, beef - Chicken tikka masala – most popular, then fish and chips - multicultural cuisine -believers of understatement = we never exaggerate, irony, upper class women – captured by Japanese soldiers, talking calmly, you say “it´s not very good” don’t say “terrible” - what could be learn from eastern Europe? – coronavirus pandemic, never mention Czech Rep. - face mask – they didn’t believe would operate them properly – general public is too stupid - restrictions of personal freedom – we are freedom loving nation - enforcing with the police, one extreme to other - exceptional about virus – vyhne se nám - London riots 2010 – steeling flat tvs – podávali si to, cuing - order – part of British culture The Royal Family there have always been voices raised against the British Monarchy, however, it might be said that the majority of Britons are content with itQueen Elizabeth II is currently the head of the UKBritish queen represents the highest part of hierarchy in the UK more symbolically nowadaysthe real power in fact lays on the Parliament which is composed of house of commons and house of lords. The rise of the right wing cultural nationalismanti-islamanti-imigrationanti-governmentthey are extremistswhite nationalism The mass media British national newspapers are for the most part printed in London using the newest methods of technology availablemost tastes are catered to by twelve nationaldailies and nineSundaysperhaps the first thing to strike the foreign observer is the size or „format“ of these papersthey are divided up intobroadsheetsandtabloids (more in Mass Media) There are many daily and Sunday newspapers, many weekly papers and many periodical publications. The oldest newspaper is The Times. Other famous newspapers are Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Daily Mail etc. The British TV service was the world’s first public TV service. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) operates 2 national TV channels and 4 national and 32 local radio stations. Its overseas service – The BBC World Service transmits in English and other 36 languages. The Commonwealth is a free association of 50 sovereign independent states which has evolved from the British Empirethere are no legal or constitutional obligations involved in the membership. Social welfare The National Health Service (NHS) gives largely free treatment for everyone living in Britainpeople can choose their family doctors (GP = general practitioner)in case of emergency you can call an ambulance by dialling 999 from any telephoneabout 7 per cent of hospital, dentist and family doctors care is privatea small number of hospitals is run by religious or charitable organizationssocial Welfare includes also various benefits, e.g. retirement pensions (men above 65 and women above 60), sickness benefits, invalidity pensions, injury benefits etc Ethnic Minorities the main social problems that members of ethnic minorities face are as follows: their children are more likely to need special help, unemployment is disproportionately high, unfamiliarity with the British societySalman Rushdie and his case can be mentionedtoday, the Indians count for the most numerous ethnic group in Britain Leisure – volný čas the patterns pf leisure activity changed radically after the WW2the position of women – paid jobs (increase in the 1980s)home-based leisure activities –community spirithigh culture –tend to diminish with the rise of the more wealthy mass consumer class and the relaxation of social barriersthere are about 2,500 museums in Britain nowadaysleast but by no means least, there is that most typical of British institutions – the pubpubs provide a meeting place for men and women of all ages and social classes, although until the 1960s they were dominated by working class menthe British like a drink (or 2) in company and pleasant surr

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